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As a paralegal to associate solicitor Mark Gayler and assistant fee earner Oliver Brooks at Minster Law, my role focuses on supporting them in managing catastrophic injury claims. This involves document collection, including medical and employment records, to progress our clients’ claims. I’ve been working in this role for 18 months, adopting a hybrid work model from the outset. My transition to a paralegal role was smooth, given my previous experience as a file handler in the Bike MOJ department, where I also worked under a hybrid model. The onset of COVID-19 enabled a temporary shift to full-time remote work, which was not entirely new to me.

Remote supervision has become a staple of my work environment, assisted greatly by email and Microsoft Teams. These tools have ensured that communication remains consistent, and support is always available, regardless of my physical locations. Having been with Minster Law for nearly 14 years, I felt well-prepared for the transition to remote work, and I am comfortable to reach out for assistance when needed. My interactions with supervisors are mostly conducted via email, allowing for efficient communication.

One of the key aspects of remote work I appreciate is the trust and responsibility placed on me.

Remote supervision in my role is structured around bi-monthly office visits, supplemented by daily digital check-ins with Mark and Oliver. These are informal due to my level of experience, focusing more on task updates and feedback. My day usually starts at 8am with an email review, followed by task prioritisation and planning. Additional tasks are communicated through emails, with urgent matters clearly indicated.

For remote supervision and communication, we rely on Remote Desktop, Avaya, and Microsoft Teams. These tools support our varied needs, from case progression to face-to-face meetings and quick calls. Staying connected involves daily check-ins and ensuring constant availability. We also have regular team meetings to maintain connectivity.

To support my development, I utilise e-learning resources available through Minster Law and participate in a paralegal Team’s group for peer support. Feedback from supervisors comes through one-on-one meetings or immediate emails for specific issues. I’ve received positive feedback for my contributions, highlighted in department updates and personal acknowledgments for my work in the form of ‘shout outs’.

For those new to remote supervision, my advice is straightforward: don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek clarification when needed. Establishing a network of peers for support can greatly enhance your understanding and efficiency in this flexible work environment.

Minster Law’s serious injury team is one of the largest in the UK, with specialists in head and brain injuries, spinal injuries, and injuries resulting in amputation and limb damage. Find out more about working in serious injury and what opportunities are available in the team.