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In January, Minster Law was proud to support the launch of the Code of Conduct for the Use of AI in Claims. We have become one of the first signatories of the Code, which was created to ensure the industry deploys the use of AI in an ethical and secure way. AI is a massive opportunity in the claims sector and has the potential to revolutionise how the industry does business. Our early adoption of the Code of Conduct underlines our commitment to using the technology in the right way.

Headed up by Eddie Longworth, director at JEL Consulting, Minster Law was invited to join a working group to support the creation of the Code. As part of the claims and supply sector, we provided specialist input so the Code effectively covers AI in the context of legal services and its connections to the wider supply chain. This involved discussions with peers from the claims industry and supply chain, helping to debate and shape the content of the Code.

The Code launched in January, and has been drafted to cover:

  • Safety, security, and robustness
  • Transparency and explainability
  • Fairness
  • Accountability
  • Contestability and redress

By signing, individuals and organisations are committing themselves to the highest standard of behaviours and ethical responsibility when planning, designing, or using AI in the management and settlement of claims.

Paul Taylor, chief operating officer at Minster Law, said: “For Minster Law, the Code supports our commitment to great standards and ethics for colleagues, customers, and our partners, and we will continue to support the Code as AI evolves.

AI is such an important innovation for us all to navigate. It takes leadership to drive these things and Eddie Longworth has been unwavering in his drive to facilitate the creation of a Code the industry can live by. It’s been a privilege to support this endeavour and fantastic to see the rest of the industry coming together to support the Code.”

Eddie Longworth said: “The Code of Conduct has proven to be a real catalyst for companies at the leading edge of best practices in AI to review their processes and Minster Law have been a key influence in helping to get it right. The tremendous potential of AI must be balanced with the need for ethical and transparent behaviours that focus on caring for our customers and Minster Law’s leading participation in the project has provided terrific insight, expertise, and guidance.”

Visit the Code of Conduct for the Use of AI in Claims to find out more about the Code and how to sign.