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We recently relaunched our quarterly great service lunches during National Customer Service Week 2023, because it’s important to us here at Minster Law that we recognise the great feedback we receive from customers, colleagues, and partners about members of our team.

As part of the initiative, we invite colleagues from across the business to share the positive feedback they have received. Using the feedback, a shortlist of colleagues are invited out for lunch with members of our executive team to celebrate the fantastic recognition they’ve received.

Our nominees this quarter, who enjoyed lunch with chief operating officer, Paul Taylor, and people director, Jane Brodie were Tahera Ghasemi, Ian Cummings, Roisin Clark, Rebecca Cooper, Lauren Lindop, Vicki Horsfield, Tyler Martin, and Tom Reall.

Our overall Great Service Award winner was customer response advisor, Lauren Lindop, who impressed a customer with her service following the additional support they needed on our digital claims platform, INK. The customer said: “Lauren Lindop from Minster’s customer service team deserves a pat on the back. […] Lauren has been exceptional with her friendly but professional service. Firstly, listening to the problem and then resolving it quickly on more than one occasion and getting my claim back on track.”

Lauren has been with Minster Law for a year and a half, and her typical day involves responding to customer enquiries, providing assistance, and ensuring a seamless and positive experience through effective communication. We caught up with her to find out more about her customer excellence and how the lunch went.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

What I enjoy most about my role in claims servicing is the opportunity to assist clients during challenging times, providing support, and guiding them through the process to ensure a smooth resolution of their claims.

How do you provide excellent service to customers?

I provide exceptional customer service through a commitment to responsiveness and understanding. By actively engaging with customers, I ensure that their needs are not only met, but exceeded.

If you were to run a customer training workshop, what customer excellence tips and learnings would you give to others?

In conducting a customer training workshop, I would emphasise the importance of active listening as a foundational skill for customer excellence. Participants would learn to understand customer needs by listening attentively and responding thoughtfully. “Listen to listen and understand, don’t listen to respond”.

How did you find the Great Service lunch?

I was initially nervous but I found the lunch to be a delightful experience as everyone was exceptionally welcoming.

How did you feel when you were crowned winner of the Great Service lunch?

Winning the Great Service award left me feeling both shocked and excited. I feel like I have broken the stigma around recognition on claims servicing.

Lauren will automatically be entered into Jonathan Bamforth’s Great Service Award at the Minster Law Awards Ball 2024.

Jane Brodie, people director, said: “I really enjoyed the lunch, it was so great to hear examples of how we are working hard to deliver fantastic service to our clients and to give credit to those colleagues who are exceeding customer expectations. It’s so important for us to give this well-deserved recognition.”