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We sat down with customer coordinator, Annie Wescott, to find out more about her role and her day-to-day at Minster Law.

How did your career begin at Minster Law?

I’ve been at Minster since 2015 and began my time here in what is now the onboarding team, which takes the initial customers calls and sets up the cases. I moved across to join the marketing team in 2017 to focus on the customer experience and communications, staying there until the recent move to the change team as a customer coordinator.

Tell us about your current role as a customer coordinator

Part of my role is focused on our feedback programme which covers Trustpilot as well as our main surveys. This involves building surveys for our customers and partners to share their view of the claim journey and relationship with Minster Law.

What does your day-to-day look like?

I can usually be found annoying all colleagues in a 10-foot radius about Taylor Swift, coffee, or banana bread.

On a professional level, my day-to-day work often tends to focus on content editing for the website, emails and texts, internal communications, or presentations. I also manage the customer feedback programme, ensuring that all Minster Law customers have a voice and our colleagues are empowered to make continuous improvements.

Usually, I move from project to project, which can vary from a new onboarding operating system to our customer portal, INK.

What has been your favourite project so far?

My favourite project at the moment is continuing to work on our accessibility, whether that is improving the website, how we write, or other ways to make sure legal advice is easily available to our customers. This focus means working collaboratively with our ED&I committee, IT team, and operational teams, all of who want to ensure accessibility is maximised for our customers.

What are three things you love about working at Minster Law?

The people make Minster Law what it is and I’ve found some of my best friends working here. The social aspect has been really good, especially with the events like the annual awards ball. During my time here I’ve attended networking events, volunteering experiences, and team building days – and even wine and cheese nights!

Even as a non-driver, the location of the office is also really accessible and a short commute for me. There’s lots of amenities around the office which are walkable and I like to call in at Starbucks for a payday treat.

Most importantly, I value the principles and ethics of the business. It’s nice to work for a company that actively looks at improving ED&I, environmental issues, mental health, and wellbeing through dedicated committees in the business which are attended by our executive team.

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