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Callum Harvey shares his journey through Minster Law and his recent progression to a paralegal in the serious injury team. 

My journey at Minster Law began six years ago in 2017 when, after finishing my A levels I started my working life. Through the years, I have worked in various roles, spending most of my time within the admin team for multi-track before having a stint in the costs team, which I soon realised wasn’t for me although I benefitted from the experience.

In November 2022, I decided to try a new role and started as a paralegal within the multi-track team assisting a solicitor with their caseload of high value cases. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a paralegal so far and I’m so happy that I decided to push myself to change and advance my career.

The support I have received to help adapt me to the role and settle into the role has been incredible. The solicitor I have been working with has helped me develop and build an understanding of best practice when running a multi-track case and the different complications and complexities that can be brought along the way. We have built up a wonderful working relationship and I’m looking forward to what the future may bring.