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Damian Hofler, paralegal at Minster Law, shares his experience embarking on a career in personal injury.

I am a part-time law student currently working as a serious injury paralegal while assisting a solicitor working on complex/catastrophic cases. I started my adventure at Minster Law in the firm’s customer service department two years ago by taking initial calls and taking our clients on their Minster Law journey.

However, it was a couple of years earlier, while taking part in a mentoring scheme at my university, that I was first introduced to Minster Law. My mentor on the scheme was a solicitor working at Minster Law and even though personal injury was not my first choice, my mentor’s approachable and sincere manner was one of the key factors in my decision to give it a chance.

During this time, I had a chance to spend a day in the office and learn more about her work and types of injuries her clients faced. This opened my eyes to how rewarding this work can be. Many of her clients faced life changing injuries from accidents that had an impact not only on them, but also on their families. I was impressed by the level of detail and dedication in her work to ensure that her clients can make the best and quickest possible return to the position they were in before the accident whilst at the same time ensuring they receive adequate financial compensation.

This experience placed Minster Law on my personal radar and when a job opportunity became available, I decided to apply.

Now working as a paralegal, I can support my clients in their journey to recovery and develop my technical legal knowledge and skills to become a competent solicitor.

Compensation in most personal injury cases will be agreed outside the court system, as the litigation system is set up in this way. This means that as a personal injury solicitor you will have a chance to quickly master your negotiation skills. I find it extremely rewarding having the ability to ensure that our clients have their needs for aids, adaptations and adjustments met so that they can focus on recovery and rehabilitation.

If you are looking for an existing and rewarding career where two days are never the same personal injury might be right place for you.