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Conner Sanderson, paralegal at Minster Law, shares his experience starting out in law.

Any new job can be challenging even with experience to hand, but coming into a new place of work with no experience in the area of law you will be practicing is a real challenge.

Coming from a claimant background, I had some idea of what the job would entail in terms of dealing with claimants and the importance of conducting good client care. I also knew I’d be facing some new challenges, such as new processes and most importantly new terminology which would take some time getting to know.

Minster Law has provided me with the support I need. I had an experienced paralegal buddy who was there to help me learn the role of a PI serious injury paralegal and the training and support has been a great help and above and beyond the basic eLearning courses I experienced previously.

Whilst being at Minster Law, I have been able to engage with clients who have suffered from various complex injuries due to their accidents. I have been able to gain in depth knowledge on claimants’ rehabilitation needs and have had the chance to look at different ways to help them get the best possible treatment available.

I have been lucky enough to attend client & counsel conferences which has not only helped add to the knowledge I have gained on the job so far but has also helped me build a personal relationship with individual clients, as we have been able to put names to faces.

After a great start, I am looking forward to what my future holds at Minster Law.