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Kimberley Ronksley, paralegal, shares some of the many benefits to being a paralegal at Minster Law.

Coming to work in the personal injury sector at Minster Law was an eye opener in relation to how different the legal world can be when you move firms and areas of law. The firm is ahead of the game when it comes to welcoming new members of staff and transitioning into a new role and offers many staff benefits, which have been invaluable to me since joining the firm.

The training offered is excellent, with access to a whole library of training modules covering all aspects of personal injury, technical skills, and guidance notes. The Rise learning library has been fundamental to broadening my knowledge of the law and applying it to the cases I work on. The modules are saved once complete and are there to refer to whenever I need them. They contain examples, hints and tips all of which I incorporate into my work daily.

In November 2022, Minster Law trialled ‘Time for Me’ days, which offers the flexibility to condense your working week to 4 days once a month allowing members off staff to have the option to take up to 12 extra days a year. I have been able to use these days and spend quality time with family and friends which I otherwise would not have been able to do.

One of the best things at Minster Law is their focus on staff and team relationships and having clear opportunities to communicate, as well as being advocates for the health and wellbeing of staff. The firm arranges meetings where we are listened to and encouraged to voice our opinions and concerns with senior management.

The steps taken by the firm following one of these discussions – lowering the targets for paralegals -has given us the opportunity to have up to an hour a day of non-chargeable time thus taking away some of the work pressures. This gives us the opportunity to expand on our knowledge and use this time for training or discussions with our fee earners. It gives us the time to gain experience and knowledge in areas we wish to improve on and grow our confidence in the law and file handling, ready for us to take the next steps, whatever they may be.