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Paralegal Jawad Ahmed shares his challenging but rewarding journey embracing the triple challenge.

I currently find myself on a demanding yet exciting journey as a paralegal working full time at Minster Law while pursuing a master’s degree in legal practice and also preparing for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE). Here I share my personal experiences and insights, the difficulties I have met and the invaluable benefits I am gaining from juggling these three big commitments.

The biggest hurdle I find is mastering the art of time management. Balancing the responsibilities of my full-time paralegal role, which includes legal research, client interactions, and document preparation, with the rigorous coursework of my master’s course alongside all the preparation for the SQE needs meticulous planning and a large dose of discipline. Every day requires careful scheduling, dedicated time for work, study, and exam preparation.

One thing is certain – I have a very varied workload.  My master’s involves in-depth legal analysis, writing assignments, and thought-provoking class discussions. The SQE includes extensive practice exercises, mock examinations, and self-assessment.  It’s a careful balancing act, requiring a high level of organisation and resilience to perform at my best in each.

The emotional and mental strain of undertaking this triple challenge is undeniable and overwhelm is never far away. There are sometimes moments of self-doubt and fatigue which test my emotional resilience and mental stamina, so I do try to prioritise self-care, seek support from loved ones, and maintain a positive mindset to help get me through. Embracing the journey as an opportunity for personal growth and professional development is helping sustain my motivation and wellbeing.

While the journey is undeniably hard, the benefits make it all worthwhile – the practical experience gained as a paralegal complements the academic knowledge I am learning through my master’s. The combined effect of work and study is enhancing my legal acumen and understanding of legal principles and is equipping me with the essential practical skills to succeed as a solicitor.

Additionally, working full time at Minster Law means I have an accessible network of experienced legal professionals who are happy to help with guidance throughout my journey. The insights and advice I receive from my colleagues is really helping my professional growth and long-term career prospects.  Hopefully the experiences and skills gained along the way will shape me into a proficient solicitor and help me progress my legal career and ensure I am ready to contribute to the legal profession with confidence and competence.