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As a newly appointed parent school governor at our local primary school, I have just received a Kid’s Walk action pack from Brake to help encourage and teach road safety to the children at the school. With 6 children killed or seriously injured every day on the roads in Britain, raising their safety awareness is vitally important.

Brake’s annual Kid’s Walk, in conjunction with Shaun the Sheep, this year is 14th June 2023 promoting the health and planet saving benefits of walking and road safety to children, with thousands of primary school children across the country taking part. The event is also used to raise awareness among parents and the community surrounding schools about road safety and protecting children near roads.

Our village school is on a busy A road with a 30mph speed limit; the usual limit for around a school area, known as school safety zones, is 20mph; often with large lorries passing through. We have  children of all ages who also love to ride their bikes or scooters to school, and we hope these road safety skills will help them stay safe whilst using these as well.

The children will have the opportunity to take part in a sponsored walk to raise money for Brake and support families who have lost loved ones in road crashes.

I am looking forward to seeing the children with their stickers and certificates after the event to celebrate their involvement and the skills they have learnt. I’m hoping this will help reinforce the rules of road safety that can be easily forgotten when learning so many different topics at school.

I am hoping the school can use this event to look at future ones including teaching road safety basics to children aged 3-7 with the Beep Beep Day 2024, again with Brake, and see if we can get the whole school involved next year with the Kids safety walk.

Let’s teach our children to be safe near roads and reduce the numbers of children injured on our roads.

Further information on Brake’s Kid’s Walk can be found here