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The impact of serious injuries caused by road traffic accidents on everyday life

Minster Law

Zubana Khan, paralegal at Minster Law, shares her observations around the impacts clients experience following a road traffic accident.

When you go out or get into a vehicle going about your everyday life, you don’t expect to have a car accident or sustain a serious injury which can change your life in a matter of seconds.

Working in serious injuries for the past few years, I have come to realise just how life changing a serious injury caused by a road traffic accident (RTA) can be. From fractures and broken limbs to catastrophic injuries, it makes you see the true impact it can have on a person.

One of the main things I’ve noticed is the career aspect. A serious injury can result in someone no longer being able to continue the profession they are in, which causes further grief, anxiety, and financial loss. In my time as a paralegal, I have seen professionals such as dentists no longer perform the way they used to due to hand injuries and chefs who can no longer cook because their injury (through no fault of their own) causes them to lose the ability to stand for long periods of time.

This brings me to the financial aspect. Not being able to work for a long period of time or being on Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) means there is now either low or no form of income coming in. Not being able to afford or live your life the way you are used to can be stressful. Sometimes people with partners/spouses can get that extra help required to get through the tough time, but it’s not always easy as it affects the quality of life that you are accustomed to.

Another impact is on your mental health. The injuries suffered from a serious road traffic accident can leave a person feeling vulnerable and anxious with regards to recovery and the changes they will have to make to adapt. This can cause them to be frustrated with family members as well as feel isolated and depressed. I’ve noticed that some clients we have dealt with, specifically those involved in RTAs in the pandemic, have been affected mentally as they have not been able to communicate with loved ones whilst in hospital and have missed out on the additional support they normally would have obtained.

The anxiety and trauma after an accident can hugely impact your ability to drive again. I’ve realised this more not only with car accidents, but more so with motorbike accidents where the client themselves or the client’s family have been afraid for them to ride a bike again. Most also suffer from insomnia due to reliving the accident scene.

These are just a few impacts of serious injury and there are many more. This has made me appreciate working for a firm like Minster Law who can help fight for compensation, whilst supporting our clients with their physical and mental recovery, through access to some of the leading rehabilitation and support services in the country.