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Alex Mount, paralegal at Minster Law, shares his experience as a mentee and the support he’s received at Minster Law. 

A mentor is defined as ‘an experienced and trusted adviser,’ and is something we have an abundance of at Minster. Whether it be the mentors we are assigned when starting off as paralegals in the ‘buddy’ system, who help us find our fledgling feet in our early steps of dealing with personal injury claims, or the experienced solicitors who guide us on the best practices in supporting our clients through complex legal issues, it can certainly be seen that the support network throughout the company is evident to all involved.

When considering the definition of the word above, it becomes clear how the company has so many mentors in its midst. I believe it is due to the caring and compassionate nature our solicitors embody to expertly aid our clients through the intricacies of their claims, guiding and advising them on the best course of action. It is this empathetic nature that makes learning on the job seamless, as the shared desire to achieve the best for our clients allows for a strong system of development and growth within the company.

The importance of mentoring in the workplace can’t be undervalued, and Minster being rewarded platinum status by Investors in People (IIP), shows that this advancement through supporting their colleagues runs through the core of the company. This can also be seen in the Solicitor Apprenticeship Programme, which offers an accessible route to qualify as a solicitor regardless of your educational background and legal experience. This is achieved through exposure to a variety of departments within the firm, to maximise your knowledge across a range of subjects and gain practical experience and commercial skills. Aided along the way by the mentors you will encounter in different departments, and supported by the dedicated Training Principal, Technical Manager, and supervisors.

Through the mention of mentors, I am sure that this will have evoked memories of someone who has made a profound influence on whoever reads this, whether in the workplace or in other aspects of our lives. Sport is one such area, where these influential lead figures at the early stages of our development lay the foundations of future progress. That is why I was grateful to Minster for allowing me the opportunity to raise £735 for Prostate Cancer UK for my CSR day, when I organised a charity rugby match and dinner at Warlingham Rugby Football Cub to share good times and memories of a mentor to many of us at the club, Richard Horton. He inspired me to look at the role mentors play in my current workplace, and with that I’d like to say a special thanks to Thomas Maxted for his continued support on my Minster journey.