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The physical and mental benefits of sport and general physical activity, including improved general fitness and mental health, weight loss, increased energy, together with helping several health complaints including reducing blood pressure and cardiovascular disease are well known.

However, sporting activities also carry potential risks, known as ‘associated risks’ which may or not be caused by yourself.  There may be mitigating factors which could be because of a failure by the organiser, or the venue, to implement health and safety regulations correctly, which if found to be the cause of your accident, could mean you are entitled to compensation.

Typical causes of sporting activities include:

  • Insufficient or incorrect instructions or advice by your trainer or instructor
  • Faulty, damaged, or poorly maintained equipment
  • Inadequate or insufficient health and safety protection
  • Unsuitable lighting or surfaces at the venue, including pitches, spectator areas or changing rooms
  • Deliberate or dangerous actions by other participants outside the rules of play, including illegally high tackles

A direct example with regards to high tackles, for the 2019/2020 season, the Rugby Football Union (RFU) reported 709 injuries, with the most common being concussion.

In fact, head injuries are one of the most common sports injuries, usually associated with rugby and boxing, but appearing more frequently from football, because of ‘heading the ball’.  They vary in severity but have been proven to include both short- and long-term brain damage.

Other common injuries, which can be caused by the above list can include:

  • Sprains and/or torn ligaments
  • Knee injuries, including damage to bone, muscles, or tendons
  • Injuries to your shoulder area, known as rotator cuff injuries
  • Dislocations or fractures

Why should you make a sports injury claim?

Injuries can have a negative impact on your daily life. You may struggle to carry out general activities and participate in your hobbies, and depending on the severity, you may need long-term treatment and need to take time off work to attend those sessions.

Making a claim for compensation can help you get early intervention and the medical treatment you may need to support your recovery, and help you get back to your everyday activities more quickly than without the claim.

Your case can also help highlight unsafe practices or the need for more rigorous health and safety checks within your sport or the venue you incurred your injury.  This could help fix the issues which caused your injury and stop the same thing happening to someone else in the future.

If you do suffer from a sports related injury which wasn’t your fault, Minster Law may be able to help you. We will act promptly to ensure the circumstances surrounding the accident are investigated quickly so the cause is identified and you can receive the treatment you need to support your recovery and, where appropriate, ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.