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February 24th 2022, a date history will remember as the day a full scale military invasion of Ukraine began.

Seeing the news about the conflict has been upsetting and I knew that I needed to help in any way I could.  I was already due to travel to Poland with my partner to see family so we decided that we would start a collection to buy supplies and essential items for the refugees that had already fled Ukraine.

Poland has taken by far the largest number of refugees from Ukraine, currently over 2 million people, the majority being women, the elderly, and children. These people have had to leave most of their belongings behind so there is a huge need to provide those essentials that we take for granted.

We had just 5 days to collect donations before travelling to Poland and had no idea that it would gain the traction that it did. Thanks to people’s generosity, we managed to raise a phenomenal £2,450.00 in a few short days.

Once we arrived in Poland, we spent over 13 hours shopping, boxing up and distributing essential items such as clothing, toiletries and food making a difference to so many families lives in a time of need.

Charity work and corporate social responsibility (CSR) is extremely important to Minster Law and they kindly match funded up to £1,000.00 to support our collection.  The further donation was shared between the International Fund for Animal Welfare who are supporting animal shelters in Ukraine, the British Red Cross, and the International Rescue Committee.