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We caught up with trainee solicitor, Rafaqath Hussain, who is nearing the completion of his training contract with Minster Law, to find out more about his training contract experience and what he’s learnt along the way. 

“I initially started working at Minster Law in January 2018. I had joined the company as a trainee fee earner, gradually making my way onto the training contract. I was quickly promoted to work in the MOJ aged cases team – dealing with a vast amount of complex fast-track cases.

After my period in the aged cases team, I moved on to start a training contract in April 2020. I had the privilege of enjoying my first seat still in MOJ, where I learned the ins and outs of the department, therefore deepening my already substantive understanding of this area of Law.

I was one of the first trainees to work from home during my contract, and I do not feel like it impacted my training in any way. There has always been assistance and guidance available just one call away. I have never felt out of my depth or that I was struggling, as Minster Law have developed an innovative method of working from home, yet it feels like we are all still connected as if we are in the office. Once I had finished in MOJ, I moved on to join the CCU team. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in this team, as it was a step beyond the MOJ department that I was used to, I was now dealing with more serious injuries up to the value of £25k, both on and off the portal and dealing with cases that had had been neglected due to their complexity.

My next two seats were with LVI, and the Compliance team where I was trained on how to spot fraudulent claims and I was shown how to resolve matters where previous file handlers had gone wrong. I then moved on to join the Employment team which was a great experience as it was very different to the areas of Law I had been studying in my previous seats.

I am currently in my sixth and final seat – EL/PL. This has been the most enjoyable seat as here is where my training contract will come to a conclusion and I will be qualifying into the EL/PL team and remaining in this department in April 2022. This area of Law has to be my favourite and I am constantly dealing with different issues and no two days are the same.

I have worked in many areas of the company and I have enjoyed every second of my training contract in each of my seats. The support I have, and continue to receive during my training contract is impeccable. I have never once felt like I could not ask anyone for help or advice, and there has always been somebody there to provide me with the guidance and training I have needed to pave my way through the process.

I look forward to continuing my boundless journey at Minster Law as a solicitor and I welcome the challenges and new lessons ahead.”

Looking to kickstart your career as a solicitor? There’s still time to apply to our Solicitor Apprenticeship Programme. Applications close on Friday 29 April 2022.