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How does Minster Law support vulnerable road users?

Considering the recent changes relating to vulnerable road users in the Highway Code and following the recent articles published by our colleagues David Sears and Chris Bowman, we thought this would be a good opportunity to set out Minster Law’s approach to supporting vulnerable road users. One of our Bike Team Leaders and Solicitor, Joanne Jewell-Purves, will explain how our passionate colleagues ensure all our clients have access to justice and feel fully supported should they ever be involved in an accident that wasn’t their fault.

Minster Law is one of the UK’s largest personal injury specialists and looks after a third of all UK bike injury cases it is not surprising that we have a wealth of experience and expertise in this area.

We recognise that vulnerable road users, typically those on two wheels, require a more bespoke service, which is why we look to tailor our support accordingly. Our dedicated onboarding team screen and assess claims at the outset to ensure bikers, pedestrians, and cyclists are allocated the right personal injury expert, in either our specialist bike or serious injury teams from day one.

Our robust internal processes and procedures ensure the client journey is as hassle free and smooth as possible as we understand what a distressing and challenging time this can be for our clients.

We pride ourselves on guiding and supporting our clients through each stage of the claims process providing regular updates. Client contact and best service is at the heart of everything we do.

In cases of liability disputes, which is often found with vulnerable road users, we will always assess a case on its merits and realistically manage our client’s expectations, ensuring that they receive the best possible outcome. We carry out extensive liability investigations to support and substantiate our client’s version of events and we will, no matter the value of the claim, look to defend our clients right the way through to a Court hearing if necessary. This comprehensive approach means Minster Law is best placed to support the most vulnerable people on the roads.