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Sally Vasey, Senior Employment Solicitor at Minster Law and past trainee, shares her experience training as a solicitor at Minster Law. 

What were you doing before the training contract?

Before the training contract I was working in the personal injury fast track department at Minster Law, as a fee earner.

What attracted you to train as a solicitor at Minster Law? 

Trainee solicitors are really valued at Minster Law and so much time, resource and energy is invested into each trainee. There is a huge focus on developing you as an individual and as a solicitor, a commitment to development and progression and the opportunities you are given as a result of this are endless. I was particularly drawn to training as a solicitor at Minster Law as I was aware that I would get to work with some of the most experienced people in the business, and within their field of work, and that the work I carried out would be of value. Minster Law’s business seat is a really unique and I welcomed the opportunity to expand my skills and gain commercial awareness. The training contract was not just about gaining technical knowledge and skills but about developing professionally as an individual and being involved in all aspects of the business. I was told that the business were invested but also interested in their trainee solicitors and this felt like the right fit for me.  I was also keen to work for a company that I felt mirrored my own values.

What did you get up to as part of your training? 

I feel that I was given every opportunity to learn or gain experience. I attended inquests and supported bereaved family members, attended criminal, civil and employment tribunal hearings, worked on multimillion pound personal injury claims and complex discrimination claims, I attended conferences with Counsel and visited clients. I worked on internal strategic projects and assisted implementing changes within the business.  I spent time with client relations, considering client care and the service we provide and worked alongside risk and compliance. At the end of every seat I was given the opportunity to provide feedback to senior members of staff about my time in that seat and propose potential business/process changes.

How did the training benefit you?

There is so much that I could say about how I benefitted from the training contract. To summarise it, I would say: I gained insight into the business and myself, strengthened my technical knowledge and developed my soft skills, built some really good relationships and gained a lot of experience. All of which provided me with the strong foundations and support network to move forwards with my career.

I remember someone asking me during my training ‘what would you do if you weren’t afraid?’. The two years taught me to work outside of my comfort zone, to constantly push myself and to enjoy change.

Where are you now?

I am a Senior Employment Solicitor in Minster Laws Personal Legal Services team.

What are some of the things you particularly enjoyed when training as a solicitor?

I really enjoyed the variety of work, I think it is really unusual to be able to spend time in all areas of the business during a training contract. I especially enjoyed working in the change team alongside a project manager, during my business seat, as this gave me a new perspective into the business and helped me understand a lot of the work that goes on behind the scenes. As trainees we participated in charity events, internal and external fundraising events and voluntary work, and these are some of the memories that really stick with me.

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