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A tailored customer experience programme yields fantastic customer results for Minster Law

Minster Law

Now more than ever, organisations need to understand their digital experience – even before the pandemic, a push towards digital was already underway. However, the world has undoubtedly changed and this has forced organisations to accelerate improvements in digital. These changes in behaviour are likely to stay. Many organisations understand the importance of measuring customer experience – however a successful customer experience (CX) programme requires a genuine effort from brands to understand their customers. 

At Minster Law, insight is the lifeblood to our customer-centricity, which is why we started working with Forsta in June 2020 to revamp our entire Voice of the Customer programme and  implement new customer touchpoints. Forsta’s Confirmit platform is one of the world’s most powerful visual insights engine, helping transform data into insights that drive improvements and innovation for better a customer experience.

By working collaboratively with Forsta, we now have eight feedback touchpoints across our customer journeys, including a function that allows customers to leave feedback on our digital products. The platform also provides visibility of customer feedback to the whole of the business in real time, which empowers our people to respond quickly to customer needs.

Forsta and Minster believe insights need to be shared across the business to the right people at the right time to ensure they are able to drive positive, impactful change in the business.  Ryan Trigg, manager of Minster Law’s bike team said, “As an operational manager within Minster Law, the ability to use Forsta’s Confirmit dashboard to see customer feedback from our clients is imperative to the success of my teams. Whether this feedback is good or bad. The dashboard is an important tool which allows me to celebrate the success of my lawyers when they have provided a great service. It also allows me to understand when we could be doing something different or better so that we can learn and improve.”

CX programmes are not a ‘one-size-fits all’ scenario and each brand needs to tailor these to their business outcomes. Minster Law has been able to tailor Forsta’s solutions to support new innovative pilots and initiatives that have done exactly this.

Annie Wescott, Marketing and Insight Executive at Minster Law, said: “Last year, we launched a new alternative dispute initiative which aimed to provide quicker and better resolutions for customers compared to traditional litigation. The initiative was moving quickly and Forsta allowed us to implement a customer feedback solution ready in time for launch. Before, we would have needed a much longer lead time to create a fully branded and dynamic survey or would have had to settle for a quick unbranded out the box solution. Instead, we built a brand new invite, survey and report within four days – tailored precisely to our initiative and customers. For me that is the best part of the Forsta’s Confirmit platform – the agility it lends to our Voice of the Customer programme. Having the ability to understand how customers felt during this innovative pilot was key in showing how arbitration supports making claims simpler for our customers.”

With more planned over the next year, the decision to focus on expanding our feedback programme leads back to Minster Law’s strategy in supporting a customer culture. Speaking to Anuj Kapila, Account Development and Customer Success Manager, at Forsta: “Client expectations are ever-changing, and forward-thinking law firms who anticipate their clients’ needs will be the first to get one step ahead. Despite many law firms overlooking the importance of client experiences, Annie and the team at Minster Law have had a crystal clear vision from the start of our partnership together. Minster Law needed to listen to customers and truly understand what matters most before attempting to solve every problem. Responding to insights promptly, yields greater business results and better alignment with customers. With a long-term approach to further embed customer-centricity in everything they do, I don’t doubt that Minster Law will continue to drive positive, impactful change across the organisation.”