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Customer needs are ever-changing and with the acceleration of digital usage and the Covid pandemic, industries need to shift faster to meet new needs and expectations. Businesses need to be agile and fluid to react quickly, adapt, and remain relevant.

But how do we do this? To put it simply, there should be no one way to do things.

At Minster Law, we‘re always ready to offer choice – whether that’s through the way we engineer our customer journey, the tailored solutions we offer our partners, or the agile working within the business that enhances productivity and customer service. Through choice we stay nimble and ready to cater to varying and changing needs of our customers.

Read views from our executive team below around how fluidity and choice is making a positive impact on our customer service.

Striking the balance between digital and human – Shirley Woolham

Consumers now have more tech at their disposal than ever and digital offers a welcome opportunity for genuine revitalisation of the personal injury market. The recent reforms mean insurers and brokers are seeking a super low-cost, at-scale claims servicing capability – so a strong competency in digital servicing needs to be a staple element of any credible law firm. “Digital is the panacea to good customer service” is a rhetoric that has quickly taken hold and with the dawn of digital, some businesses have removed valued human interaction all together, to the detriment of the customer.

Recognising the different needs of customers means that simply forcing them down the route of an entirely digital service is likely to create new problems, instead of fixing the existing ones.

That is why, when we launched INK in 2019, we created a portal which is absolutely accessible to the end customer but sits within a wider omni-channel service model, to ensure we never lose sight of the ‘person’ in personal injury.

We serve customers in the way they want, through a multi-channel service offering including telephone, SMS, email, and our claims platform: INK. By understanding customer needs and preferences, we ensure every customer will enjoy a personal experience, tailored to deliver what matters most to them.

By striking the balance of technology and human interaction, we’re driving optimal claims processing cost, scalability of service and great customer satisfaction that is enhancing our insurer partners’ brands.

Agile working for productivity and creativity – Debra Cuddy

The nation’s lockdown in 2020 saw the end of office working as we know it. Despite this, we were able to service our customer and partners in the usual manner thanks to our significant investment in cloud-based telephony and IT, video and call conferencing, data sharing/security and collaboration tools. As lockdown restrictions have eased and we return to “normal”, many businesses are calling their colleagues back to the office.

For Minster Law, this isn’t how we move forward. The lockdown has proven we can perform effectively regardless of where we work so agile working has become our new normal. We encourage and support agile working to allow our colleagues to get the best out of their day. As long as we continue to ensure that our customers, partners, business and colleagues needs are met, we believe colleagues can work where they feel will be most productive – at home, in the office or other suitable venue. By allowing our colleagues the ability to work in an agile environment, we believe this encourages and creates a more fluid approach to how we work, to stimulate productivity, creativity, and engagement.

It all leads back to choice: for our customers, partners, and colleagues. Through our fluidity, innovative application of digital technology, and the expertise of our people, our customer journey, service, and care is going above and beyond expectation.