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Minster Law is delighted to be partnering with The Brain Charity to provide expert legal support to seriously injured patients with neurological conditions.

We’ll work with The Brain Charity to support patients with brain injury, stroke, dementia, learning disabilities and all other neurological conditions being treated within The Royal Liverpool Hospital.

Matt Bell, Solicitor and Senior Relationship Development Manager at Minster Law, said: “The Brain Charity does excellent work supporting people impacted by neurological conditions and we’re pleased to be working closely with the charity to provide vital legal support to those suffering from life-changing injuries. We have one of the largest serious injury teams in the UK dedicated to supporting clients through the legal process and helping them on their road to recovery.”

Minster Law will be joining The Brain Charity’s existing legal sponsors, Potter Rees Dolan and Fletchers Solicitors, alongside new legal partners Birchall Blackburn Law and Slater & Gordon.

Nanette Mellor, CEO of The Brain Charity, said: “Unfortunately, people with neurological conditions are more likely to face life-limiting disabilities, often as a result of sudden injuries.

“They and their families are also more likely to find it difficult to navigate legal pathways associated with issues like power of attorney and may struggle to advocate for themselves in legal situations.

“For this reason, it is of vital importance The Brain Charity works with experienced, trustworthy and reliable law firms to be able to provide expert legal advice for our clients.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Slater & Gordon, Minster Law and Birchall Blackburn Law to be able to expand this service and help more clients receive the legal support they are entitled to.”