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As a volunteer keen to give back, Candice Watson, Litigation Executive at Minster Law, shares her experiences surrounding volunteering, helping charities that are close to her heart, and how Minster Law supports her.


I am a volunteer for a charity that aims to support older people and ensure they have friends and regular contact.

Many older people living in their own homes can become isolated, lonely and suffer from mental health issues. This has unfortunately become even more prominent with the COVID 19 restrictions.

I am in regular contact with a lady in her 90s who unfortunately is not very mobile and unable to leave the house.

Pre-COVID I would go to her house and see her once a week, we would sit and have coffee, I would take the biscuits and some magazines, she would tell me her life stories and I would tell her mine. Hers are a lot more interesting!

Since the COVID restrictions have been in place we now chat on the phone. We both still enjoy our chats but can’t wait for the day to be able to sit in her living room dunking biscuits in our coffee.

Being able to make someone’s day by going to see them or picking up the phone to have a chat means the world to me. In a world where you can be anything be kind, smile and make someone happy!

Annette Fox Leukemia Research Fund

This fund supports the provision of research into Leukemia and other blood-related disorders and is committed to providing the best possible care to patients and relatives at the Bradford Royal Infirmary.

I sell Christmas cards every year for the ward and have colleagues who are my very loyal customers which I am extremely grateful for. The cards are priced at £2.99 a pack and £2.09 goes directly to the ward.

I also completed the Total Warrior challenge and raised money for the charity alongside some of my Minster colleagues. What a day that was…

I have seen first-hand on a number of occasions the help and amenities the charity provide on the ward. This includes frequent refurbishments to the ward and out-patient clinic, new furniture, a lady employed by the charity twice a week to provide massages and relaxing treatments to patients, and overnight packs for patients who without notice have to stay on the ward.

Minster Law has continually supported my fundraising and match funding requests which have meant between us I have been able to provide even more support to a charity and ward that is close to my heart.

Walk all over Cancer: Throughout March 2021

I joined forces with the Make a Difference, Minster Moments Committee, and my colleagues from across the business to help raise donations and take part in the Walk all over Cancer Challenge throughout March.

It was really nice to engage with other colleagues outside of my department and across the business virtually via the Stridekick app and encourage each other to exercise and raise money to help fund the research and fight against cancer.

Between us we walked 8930.364 miles – the equivalent of Kingfisher House to the South of Japan – and raised an amazing £942.50 which was supported by the business and match funded to raise a total of £1,885.00.

One in two people will develop cancer at some point in their lives. Thanks to research UK, cancer survival has doubled.

Helping to raise money means I am assisting with research and in turn the cancer survival rate. We will beat cancer!

Why Minster, why me and why volunteer?

People may ask all three of these questions. I have worked for Minster Law for over 12 years and have found that they consistently provide colleagues with the encouragement and support to enable them to volunteer, raise money, give back to charities and support local communities.

This has always been extremely important to me and it is one of the things that I love about working for Minster Law.

Volunteering means I jump out of my hectic daily routine and take time out to concentrate on people and charities that rely on my support. It is extremely rewarding and something I am proud to be a part of.

I am happy to chat and support anyone who is apprehensive about volunteering or stepping out of their comfort zone to support a charity that means something to them. Do it, I highly recommend it. Give it a go!