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Our bike team are experts in progressing motorcycle claims and helping to get bikers back on their bike following an accident.

Philip Watson is one of our longest serving team members and we asked him about his passion for all things biking.

How did you get interested in the bike world?

I started riding motorbikes from the age of 17 with my first motorcycle being a Kawasaki AR 125. I then went on and passed my full motorcycle licence and rode bikes for several years.

Do you still ride?

When my second child was born, we had to move to a bigger house which was next to a train station and I had to give up riding and take the train to work! I hope to return to riding a bike again shortly now my children are mostly grown up.

How long have you been working at Minster?

I have been working at Minster Law for 22 years and have seen the business expand and develop over the years and it’s exciting to feel I have been a part of this.

I work in Bike Tech meaning I deal with cases where litigation is necessary, either due to there being a liability dispute or a dispute as to the value of our client’s claim, or both.

Does your own experience alter the way you run claims?

I feel my own past biking experience does help me to better handle bike claims as I feel I have an affinity with bikers and understand the difficulties and risks they face on the road.

What do you think makes the Minster bike team so great at what they do?

Minster Law having a dedicated bike team puts us ahead of our opponents in that we are aware of relevant bike case law in terms of liability. By the amount of litigation we undertake, we have a knowledge and understanding of how courts decide on liability and what consideration they make when arriving at their finding on liability. Cases may have similar accident circumstances but are not identical and each case must be considered on its merits.

We also have many years of experience individually and as a team in terms of the injuries bikers can suffer, which are frequently multi-site injuries. If injuries are serious and potentially life-changing, we also have a dedicated team to refer these cases to.

How important are the clients to you?

Our clients are of course always our priority and I will always strive to push for the right outcome for them as an individual. I try to ensure they are engaged and understand the process and feel it is essential to work with my clients to get the right outcome for them.