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At a pivotal time of change in our industry, Minster Law Claims Director Marcus Taylor outlines how Minster’s preparation has been written through every facet of the organisation, not as a story of preparation but of transformation.

The personal injury claims landscape is drastically changing, becoming an industry nearly unrecognisable from what it was just a decade ago. Aside from the obvious regulatory stimulus which has necessitated an industry reaction, the wants and needs of customers have evolved. Not only that, but as we’re all too aware, the global Covid-19 pandemic has caused numerous changes to how we live our lives, rapidly increased the introduction and adoption of digital technology, and no doubt will form a legacy that stays with us for some time, if not permanently.

As is so often the case, when such momentous change does finally come knocking, the time to prepare is long gone- and never has this been truer than right now. Fortunately, at Minster Law, the seeds of our transformation were sown long ago, agnostic of the impending regulatory changes, and we are now seeing the fruit in the shape of a whole host of developments, small and large.

We are changing with the times, we have learned, developed, innovated – INK is just one part of it. We are creating the single best customer experience from start to finish, and the most exciting chapters of our story are now beginning to unfold.

With the launch of our new mobile-enabled digital portal in June 2020, we revitalised our channels of communication and streamlined the customer journey – but it was so much more than a shiny front end.

We stepped back and looked at the entire claim journey at an activity by activity level and reimagined the fulfilment of every step in the process to make it more efficient, to deliver a better customer outcome.

Our use of digital is different.

We have applied the best in digital technology to the activities where it was best suited, such as automation, task creation and document management, establishing the blueprint for a new back office process. But digital alone isn’t a panacea for good customer service, there’s far more to it.

We designed a system of capturing information from customers in a simple format that is structured and standardised to flow seamlessly into our back-office systems, which then recognises it and can automate decisions where needed – this means instances of straight-through processing where no one needs to touch it.  And, while the technology is positioned to do the work it is best placed to, our people do the rest. This means we can double down our human efforts where their skills are most needed, where they add support and comfort for our customers through challenging times.

We are rewriting the claims process: doing it faster, cheaper, and most importantly better.

Our way of thinking stretches beyond the boundaries of our end-to-end back office proposition, beyond our excellent customer service, but also into interactions with our supply chain. We’re seeking out every opportunity to improve efficiency and the customer experience – like evolving the experience of making a medical appointment booking through our digital portal.

It is the beginning of orchestrating the connection between our customer need and the supply chain which sits behind filling the need.  Facilitating the communication between our customers and the supply chain creates a far better customer journey and a far more efficient process, which means far better outcomes.

We were delighted to share INK with the market and our customers last year, as a clear signal of our digital development and capability. However, as the above makes clear, there’s far more to our story than our digital portal alone.

We’re relentless in our focus to provide market-leading solutions to our customers and insurer and broker problems. Through innovation and collaboration, we will continue to evolve, improve and move forward together.