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Minster’s annual Awards Ball is a fantastic opportunity for us to recognise our colleagues’ achievements over the past year and come together for an evening to celebrate together. Despite unusual circumstances this year, the business came together virtually to recognise those who live and breath our values, with awards presented by our executive team.

Find out more about our award-winning colleagues below.

Find a Way Award – The difference between what is difficult and what is possible lies within our own resolve

Winner: Joanne Hodgson, Finance Assurance Analyst

Time with Minster Law: 14 years

Joanne is a real unsung hero who regularly goes out of her way to help her colleagues no matter how difficult the problem. This year Joanne has been stand out in helping to embed vital changes to her department and the business. She role models a real can-do attitude, provides crucial support, and actively finds a way to get stuff done. Joanne is a real embodiment of our value Find a Way.

“I was very surprised to be nominated.  To even get through to the shortlist was amazing as there were so many other worthy names up there. I was absolutely thrilled to win.  It is so wonderful to be recognised for a job I genuinely enjoy doing.”

Be Courageous Award  Believe in the opportunity and have the courage to follow it to wherever it leads us

Winner: Cara-Noella Petersen, Paralegal

Time with Minster Law: 1 year

Cara-Noella truly embodies what it means to be courageous, never shying away from a difficult conversation but instead engaging to find a solution. She is committed to making Minster a better place for everyone and opening the channels of communication. A true inspiration to all, Cara-Noella has been at the forefront of creating a comprehensive equality, diversity and inclusion proposition for all our colleagues.

“In all honesty I was quite surprised to have won the award but I also felt proud to have won it on behalf of the Equality and Diversity Committee as well as having been able to contribute something to the business outside of my daily job. It means a lot that the Equality and Diversity Committee is being recognised for the work it’s doing behind the scenes and that was the best thing about the award.

I hope it encourages more colleagues to get involved in other aspects of the business outside of their daily job. I’ve found it really rewarding but I’ve also got to meet and work alongside some amazing colleagues from different parts of the business which I wouldn’t naturally have been able to.”

Stand Together Award – With a shared purpose, we can have a more positive impact on the people around us

Winner: Laura Hoole, HR Business Partner

Time with Minster Law: 12 years

Laura is involved in so many aspects of the business and is always on hand to help. She is a massive advocate for positive mental health and has undertaken numerous projects to help colleagues around the business with their wellbeing.

Laura oozes positivity and always finds the time to listen and support without judgement. Her hard work and dedication to the wellbeing committee are a testament to the person she is and how she cares for all our colleagues.

“I was really shocked when my name was announced – it was really unexpected. I must admit that I feel very humbled, especially as it means that I was nominated by our colleagues and recognised by our leaders. It was great to hear that my work with wellbeing and mental health is the reason for the award; I am incredibly passionate about the subject and to have this recognised is truly wonderful.

2020 has been an incredibly tough year for many. The way that our Minster colleagues have pulled together has been inspirational and I am thankful to be part of a company that values its colleagues so highly and goes above and beyond to provide a safe and comfortable place to work.”

Community Award – Putting the unity into community by sharing skills, volunteering and fundraising to improve lives in our local community

Winner: Joanne Poynton, Senior Solicitor

Time with Minster: 3 years

Joanne has displayed unwavering energy, commitment and enthusiasm in securing the support of all her colleagues to help generate value for the charities we support. She has found innovative ways to continue to fundraise during lockdown and regularly goes the extra mile outside of her role to help benefit others. Joanne is instrumental in our CSR committee and, with a mammoth record breaking 32 nominations, she is a clear winner.

“I felt extremely humbled to win, when we arrange events to raise money for charity it is very much a team effort. I wanted to thank everyone who takes part in the events and/or buys raffle tickets, with a special thanks to the Make a Difference committee for the support – especially with SURF to match fund the amount we raised in the raffle. The money will make Christmas a little easier on the spinal ward.”

Great Service Award

Winner: Timothy Hesslegrave, First Response Advisor

Time with Minster: 11 months

Timothy is a real powerhouse when it comes to customer satisfaction. He has had a massive impact this year and consistently impresses our customers. Timothy is regularly at the top of the charts relating to CSAT (customer satisfaction score) and providing the best service. He’s rightly been nicknamed the ‘CSAT King’ and is a real asset to Minster and his department.

“It was a very weird feeling winning the award, it took me by surprise. I’ve only been here for a short amount of time and it’s made me pretty excited for the future!

I’d like to thank my team leader, Yvonne, who supported me since I’ve been with Minster. I was a bit unsure when we went to work from home as us newbies at the time hadn’t even finished probation period. Getting this award is very surreal. I really do appreciate it!”

Special Achievement Award

Winner: Tom Massey, Service Desk Engineer

Time with Minster: 1 year

Tom worked tirelessly throughout the entirety of lockdown in the office, providing a happy friendly face to our keyworkers. In a year where we had to stay apart, Tom used his skills and abilities to keep us together: going above and beyond to support our colleagues.

“I was absolutely chuffed to win. It’s been a tough year, as I know it has for everyone, but to gain something like this award at the end of it all meant a lot. I think for the first time in a long time (my manager, Jennifer, can vouch for me here) I was speechless. I want to give a shout out to the IT department for making it possible. They have supported me through it all and I am truly grateful for this!”

CEO Choice Award

Winner: Alex Melia, Team Manager

Time with Minster: 11 years

Alex has continuously gone above and beyond in displaying all of our values. His dedication to customers and colleagues alike is truly inspiring. Alex is passionate about Minster and its people and this shows in his work. The support he provides is second to none and this is clearly demonstrated by what his colleagues say about him.  We consistently hear glowing testimonials that say things like “he is never too busy”, “he fully understands”, “he is a great support” and “I am appreciated” from his department. At Minster, open, honest and clear communication is key and Alex has proved that by maintaining this you create a great working environment for colleagues to thrive in and customers benefit from. He is the epitome of a great people leader.

“I’m humbled, proud and taken aback by the kind words from Shirley, my peers but most of all, my team. For the first time in a long time, I have truly been lost for words! To have shared the experience of watching the ceremony with my 2 children and the look on their faces when it was announced, is something I will cherish forever.”