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New members join the Serious Injury Team after successfully completing their training

Minster Law

Minster Law’s Serious Injury Training Academy has seen four colleagues from our non-portal teams successfully complete their training and secure a role in Serious Injury.

We celebrated the success of Ruth Chalkley, Elizabeth Birkenshaw, Samantha Thompson and Imran Akhtar with a ceremony involving CEO Shirley Woolham, members of our executive and leadership team as well as colleagues involved in delivering the training.

Initial plans were to hold a socially distanced celebration but with the government’s announcement on working from home we seamlessly moved this to a virtual event and were not going to let the occasion pass by.

While the balloons, bucks’ fizz and cupcakes were put on hold, we all got together to share our appreciation of the hard work, commitment and tenacity of our colleagues.

Throughout the academy, Ruth, Elizabeth, Sam and Imran have gained skills and knowledge relevant to Serious Injury and laid the foundations for their future careers within the department.

It is not unknown that a role in Serious Injury brings with its different challenges and new aspects of a personal injury claim, however we do not consider that a barrier to our colleagues from other areas of our business.

At Minster we are 100% invested in developing our people and thankful that our colleagues choose to work here and progress in their own careers and development.

During the celebrations Ruth, Elizabeth and Sam shared snippets of their experience and how the academy has fuelled them for a serious injury career.

Serious Injury team manager Kerry Hodsdon said it is fantastic to be able to develop people’s careers and we are thankful that these colleagues chose to progress their career with Minster Law.

We truly have a strong talent pipeline within the business, and we are committed to using that to recruit internally and really recognise our valued colleagues, putting in support and training as well as networking to advance their careers and invest in those individuals.

Ruth, Lizzie, Sam and Imran have worked tirelessly alongside their current day job to complete the training and tasks set and have all shown desire, dedication and skill in order to do this.

We will continue to run the Serious Injury Training Academy to ensure our talent pipeline remains and, to develop and further invest in our people.

Elizabeth said she really enjoyed the graduation and it was lovely to celebrate some good news in among the bad news about the UKs current Covid-19 situation.

The Serious injury team also sent out a gift to us the day before the graduation which was a certificate to confirm we’d completed the course and some chocolates – this made my day and was a really nice gesture!

It was a good opportunity to celebrate the success of the training academy and to hear that they are planning on running it again. It made me feel really valued and proud to work at Minster and be part of a new training scheme.

Ruth said hosting the graduation virtually was a lovely idea and a chance to be recognised and celebrated by her peers.

It made me feel proud to be a part of the serious injury academy. I was very excited the day before the virtual graduation when I got a knock at the door from the postman with a  present from work, that showed a lot of thought and care had gone into the celebrations even when we couldn’t do it face to face.