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“Minster are committed to the development of, and investment in colleagues, recognising that this is key to empowering and motivating our people to reach their true potential and be the best that they can be” said Debra Cuddy Minster Law HR Director

Training and development has always been a focus at Minster and contributed towards our IIP Platinum Award and recent nominations.  We are committed to maintaining our platinum rating by investing in our people to deliver excellent customer service.

Our target campaigns in the last 12 months have focused on our leadership community and our customer service excellence programme. The programme focuses on strengthening the team’s capability to build strong positive relationships with our customers as well as equipping them with the self management and communications skills to deliver a great service.

In 2019/2020 Minster Law delivered 205 classroom/virtual learning activities, with approx. 3225 attendees.  A grand total of 8536 training hours. All training is planned and delivered with the same objective to obtain the best possible outcome for every customer focusing on providing excellent customer service and care.

All Minster colleagues have 24/7 access to a learning platform which holds a variety of training content. The platform gives colleagues access to 700+ webinars and online courses on numerous topics (including Customer Service) allowing colleagues to learn at a time that suits them. At their own pace they can develop and gain the competency skills and levels required for their desired career journey.

During the national lockdown our Client Relations team delivered their customer service trainings remotely to our operational teams.

We developed and rolled out three modules of training focused on different elements of customer service.  The elements we looked at were delivering excellent customer service, enhanced telephone skills, and constructing effective written communications.  This was delivered in small group sessions over the course of four months (around 30 training sessions in total).   Around 60 delegates attended the training and there was a real focus on participation, sharing ideas and experiences, and learning best practice techniques to assist in achieving customer service excellence.

James Heseltine the Client Relations manager said: “There was a fantastic enthusiasm for this training and it was heartening to hear about and see how passionate the team are about providing the very highest level of service to our customers.”

“It’s important that everyone is aware of our customer service principles,” shares James. “It doesn’t matter what service industry you work in, customer service (and how this is delivered) is a fundamental part of every product/service offering.  It’s a key differentiator that will win or lose you business.  It should be top of every organisation’s list – it’s easy to implement, everyone can influence this personally, and it doesn’t cost a business money to provide good service.   Everyone can be friendly, helpful and strive to help their customer.   And why wouldn’t you want to?”