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Car driving down an English country road

As August draws to end, so does National Road Victim Month, but that doesn’t mean we should stop thinking about road safety.

153,315 casualties were reported from road traffic accidents in 2019.

At Minster Law we want to continue our work spreading important road safety messages, which can help to save more people on our roads.

Over the month we have shared stories of those living with a life of injury or loss following a road traffic accident.

These are real people and every day more and more are impacted.
Here’s what you may have missed:

1. Our introduction to the campaign 

2. The story of Mark Ethelston’s life changing motorcycle crash 

3. The importance of getting access to legal services

4. Top safety tips for bikers in partnership with Plantec

5. The impact of rehabilitation on recovery after a road traffic accident

6. The story of Mike Hodgskins journey with rehabilitation

7. Speaking to an emergency room doctor about the impact of a road traffic accident

8. The things a family has to go through following a road fatality 

9. The story of Helen Richardson’s experience losing a friend due to a road traffic accident

10. Top safety tips for on the road in partnership with Budget Insurance