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Minster Law launches road safety campaign for National Road Victim Month

Minster Law

Every day on the roads across the UK five people are killed and more than 60 people are seriously injured in a road traffic crash.

August each year marks National Road Victim month, an annual opportunity to remember people who have been killed or injured on our roads and to raise awareness of the changes we can take to make Britain’s roads safer.

This year Minster Law is hoping to raise awareness of the impact a road traffic crash has on not only the victims and their families, but also on the people who work within this field.

Serious and fatal road crashes are sudden and unnatural, leaving those affected not knowing where to turn.

Associate solicitor Mark Ellis, said it seems a day does not go by without reports of a fatality or serious injury on local roads, some in the most horrific of circumstances.

“I am really pleased that Minster Law are using National Road Victim month to highlight the stories of those that have been involved in road crashes.”

“I believe the stories and content shared will help to raise awareness of road danger and road safety issues.”

“It is hoped that that this in turn will help to prevent future road crashes.”  

Over the course of 2019, there were a total of 153,315 injuries of all severities on our roads.

This is 5% lower than the previous year and is the lowest level since 1979, but it is still enough people to fill the Old Trafford, twice.

Of those casualties, 1,748 people were killed, and 25,975 people were seriously injured.

To date more than half a million people have been killed on our roads, since the Britain’s first road death in 1896 when the coroner pronounced – “this must never happen again”.

But for most people a road traffic crash is something they don’t think about until it happens to them. For police officers, paramedics, solicitors, coroners and medical agencies it is something they deal with on an all too regular basis.

Over August we will be sharing articles which share the impact of a crash, the importance of having legal support, how rehabilitation can alter recovery and what happens after a road fatality.

We will also be sharing interviews with our clients and how their crash changed their lives.

Shirley Woolham, the Chief Executive Officer of Minster Law, said “each year we support over 25,000 people who have been injured in road traffic collisions”.

“Sadly the majority of these accidents could have been preventable which is why we are proud to be supporting National Road Victim Month to raise awareness of road safety.

“This aligns with Minster’s desire to make our local community a better place to live, the charity does vital work in supporting victims and their families as well as lobbying for a fairer justice system for victims, something we at Minster law are passionate about.”

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