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Working from home has become the new normal for thousands of people across the country, but three new colleagues in Minster Law’s Serious Injury team share what it’s been like joining a company where they haven’t set foot in the office.

Craig Gravil, Charlotte Barnett and Christopher Briggs all joined the team during a time of national uncertainty and confusion but are adapting quickly to life at Minster despite not meeting their co-workers in person yet.

Craig has joined the team as Senior Solicitor and said coming to Minster was a refreshing change.

“It’s hard work and there’s lots to do, but the flexible approach to working has been great and is one of things which drew me into Minster initially.”

He said the fresh thinking during this time has really supported colleagues through this difficult time.

“The quality of the cases and seriousness or complexity of the injuries enables you to really utilise all your skills as a lawyer and feel like you are able to make a difference to the lives of those you represent.”

Charlotte is working as a Chartered Legal Executive after working for Thompsons Solicitors for the last 11 years bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to Minster Law.

“I am really enjoying my work and getting back into accident claims, I love delivering great outcomes for the customers” she said.

“Getting to grips with a new case management system has been challenging, especially during lockdown, but I have had plenty of assistance and guidance, there is always someone willing to help.”

Christopher joined the team as a Solicitor after working at Unionline in Sheffield where he was handling industrial disease cases.

“I am finding the work interesting.”

“The quality of the work is brilliant, and it’s really focused on supporting our customers to get the best outcomes.”

Starting with a new company during lockdown certainly presented new sets of challenges when starting in a new role.

However, Craig said he was grateful to have joined such an “organised, compassionate and forward-thinking firm.”

Charlotte found it to be a strange experience joining a new team of people from the comfort of home.

“It is difficult to get to know people through email and video call alone, but everyone has been friendly, welcoming and supportive,” she said.

“The values and culture at Minster have really shone through even while working remotely.”

Christopher said he’d coped pretty well with the transition despite not being in the office.

“I’ve coped pretty well with it,” he said.

“I’ve found that the IT set up is excellent and allows me to work without any issues.”

Despite it being odd not starting in an office environment or being able to meet his new co-workers, he said there was a real highlight.

“The commute, into my attic workspace, is excellent.”