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Minster guarantees job security and launches wellbeing programme amid coronavirus crisis

Minster Law

The Covid-19 crisis has caused huge lifestyle changes that mean people across the UK have gone from working in offices to working in isolation, which can easily make people feel cut off from the world. With the majority of our workforce now working remotely, we recognise it can be challenging getting to grips with new ways of working. With society on pause and the economy suffering, there is also the added worry of job stability.

Looking after both the physical and mental health of our colleagues is our priority which is why Minster has committed to there being no forced redundancies relating to the coronavirus outbreak. In a further bid to ensure colleagues are supported Minster has also launched a wellbeing programme, which provides advice and support to help colleagues adapt to working from home. The programme has introduced mental health first aiders to guide struggling colleagues and ensure they get the support they need in both their professional and personal lives.

Debbie Cuddy, People Director at Minster Law, says: “Mental wellness has never been more prevalent as it is now. As we continue to navigate our way through these unprecedented times, Minster will always have a focus on the health and wellbeing of our colleagues and their families. We wanted to give our colleagues some comfort that their jobs are safe and that we are in this together, looking after one another. We’re looking to evolve the wellbeing programme even further over the coming weeks, with an increased network of mental health first aiders, to ensure our colleagues stay happy and healthy during this unusual time.”