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Here at Minster Law we understand that being involved in a road traffic accident can very distressing. We have therefore gathered some helpful tips for you to use following your accident.

Immediately after the accident

  • Stop the car straight away, it is an offence to leave the scene
  • Turn off your engine and turn on your hazards. Check yourself and everyone else for any injuries
  • Contact the emergency services if there have been any injuries, the road is blocked or you believe you have been involved in a ‘cash-for-crash’ accident
  • Take photos of the accident location
  • Record the date and time of the accident
  • Record how many vehicles were involved and how many passengers were in each vehicle
  • Take photos of your vehicle and any damage sustained
  • Make a note of any witnesses of the accident and their contact details
  • Make a note of any other vehicles involved in the accident, taking photos if possible

Shortly after the accident

  • Make a copy of any dashcam footage you may have of the accident
  • Determine if there may be any CCTV footage of the accident and if so, make a note of where
  • Contact your insurer as soon as possible to report the accident and any damage. They’ll likely ask for your information to identify you, the registration of the cars involved, the drivers name, address and phone number and the driver’s insurance details if you have them

When you get chance to

  • Make a note of any losses that you may be suffering from such as loss of earnings, taxi costs etc
  • Take photos of any damaged items
  • Take photos of your injuries to show their severity
  • Gather receipts for the damaged items or find ‘like-for-likes’ online
  • If you are still suffering from pain, seek medical attention if you think it is required
  • Keep a diary of your pain and injuries
  • Keep a diary of any care and assistance you may receive from anybody. Make a note who provides this care, when and for how long

When you contact your insurer, they will provide you with the next steps following your accident.

If you have suffered any injuries, no matter how minor, contact one of our experts on 01924 582600 to discuss how we can support you.