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Minster Law has welcomed the governments recently announce road safety plan, a major package of measures designed to reduce the number of people killed and injured on UK roads.

Released on 19th July 2019, the initiative sets out a 74-point action plan for an integrated approach to overhauling the UK transport system and reduce avoidable deaths and injuries to an absolute minimum. The plan encompasses initiatives covering improvements to signage and education for road users to increasing enforcement and infrastructure design and construction.

Commenting on the statement, David Sears, Associate Solicitor at Minster Law, said:

“Whilst the UK generally has some of the safest roads in Europe and the world, as a specialist in representing those who have been victims of road accidents, we are all too aware that there is a real need to continually improve road safety.

Under the new plans, one key suggestion is to increase penalties for failure to wear a seatbelt, which could result in penalty points as well as fines. Ms Di Clemente continued “It is shocking that, so long after the first regulations requiring the use of seatbelts came into force, there are still so many road deaths that could have been prevented by the proper use of seatbelts. Hopefully these new measures, once brought into practise, will have the desired effect of reducing the number of incidents we still see each year on UK roads.

The plans to improve road safety for younger road users, from infants to young adults are particularly necessary. Young adults in-particular remain worryingly over-represented in road casualty statistics. Plans to better protect them and raise awareness of the dangers on UK roads, as well as educating and instilling safe behaviours for the longer term are vital aspects of the plan.

With an ageing population, the government’s recognition of the need to protect older road users whilst ensuring their safety to drive is also greatly welcomed.

The government’s plans for dealing with the worst excesses of poor or dangerous driving should be warmly received, given the prevalence of drug and drink driving and the hard-core of drivers who exhibit very poor behaviour when behind the wheel.

As specialist in representing injured motorcyclists, often with life changing injuries such brain injury, Minster Law are pleased to see more comprehensive plans to promote more effective use of safer helmets, as well as the intention to liaise more closely with the motorcycle industry to explore the scope for new, improved protective equipment. Motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable road-users and anything that can be done to offer them greater protection should be embraced.”

Rachel Di Clemente, Legal Services Director at Minster Law added “There is a real, tragic cost to road traffic accidents, not only to the individual, but to their families and wider society. This is a welcome initiative by the government and can only help in further minimising the catastrophic loss of life we see on the UK roads each year.”