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Our Annual Awards Ball took place on the 23rd of November at the Royal Armouries this year. Around 340 colleagues attended the event to see which of our finalists would be taking home awards. The Awards are a fantastic way for us to recognise our employees achievements over the past year. Awards were presented by CEO Shirley Woolham and Finance Director Martin Hume.

Find out more about our category winners below.

Outstanding Contribution Award

Name: Ellen Limbert
Time with Minster Law: 11 Years
Current position at Minster Law:
Product Manager

“I always feel really privileged to have been nominated as this means that someone has taken time out of their day to do this, being shortlisted is really a bonus on top of that. I was very excited and a little nervous although I was in the same category as some very worthy winners so I wasn’t too convinced I would win. I feel truly honoured to have won, especially when you look at the others in my category! The awards ball is a fantastic way to celebrate as a business and recognise and reward individuals who have had a standout year. This was my tenth one and they are brilliant each year!”

Improving Lives in the Community Award

Name: Amanda Newton
Time with Minster Law: 6 Years
Current position at Minster Law:
Project Manager

“I felt really honoured to be nominated for this award.  It’s a lovely feeling to think one of your colleagues has taken the time to nominate you for something and to have your contribution recognised.   It made me proud of what I’d achieved. 

I felt nervous in the lead up to the awards!  Excited nervous but I was convinced I wouldn’t win so I was rooting for everyone else in my category as I felt everyone was a worthy winner.  

For once, I was totally speechless when I won!  To have your contribution recognised and appreciated by your colleagues and the Exec team in this way is just incredible.  I felt overwhelmed and happy as I just didn’t expect it. 

I’m passionate about helping people in need and want to try to maximise that help by getting everyone involved.  I put the effort in because I want to help and I suppose I underestimate the value of this. Thank you to the rest of the Make a Difference committee for their continued support in making our charity activity a success and a massive thank you to everyone in the business who donates and takes part in our campaigns, without you we couldn’t bring our charity partners dreams to life.” 

Authentic Award

Name: John O’Brien
Time with Minster Law: 9 Years and 3 Months
Current position at Minster Law:
Complex Case Unit Manager

“I was flattered that anyone would go to the trouble of nominating me so I was quite happy being in the initial list of nominations without it going any further. To be then short listed for the Awards Ball was an unexpected thrill. However, given the competition I thought I had little chance so I was pretty laid back about it.

On arrival at the Ball the excitement really started for me. The pre-Ball drinks with the Executive Team was lovely and then on to the main event. I was up for the Authentic award and I didn’t think I had much chance and it was then a strange and surreal feeling when Shirley read my name out.

It was a genuine and unexpected thrill but the best part was yet to come as so many people came up to me afterwards to congratulate me. It was a surprise, particularly given the other nominees, but I’m delighted that I got it. The experience of the night and the buzz of winning it remains with me.”  

Creative Award

Name: Nikki Parker
Time with Minster Law: 8 Years and 7 Months
Current position at Minster Law:
First Response Team Leader

“When I saw I had been short listed for the second year in a row I was over the moon. To be able to represent our First Response Unit in the creative category again is amazing, I feel that what I set out to achieve is being accomplished. I had a mixture of emotions, excited, proud and extremely nervous to the point I couldn’t eat my meal. I never thought for one minute it would be me, so when Shirley announced I had won I was in quite a bit of shock, I didn’t even pick up on the clues within Shirley’s speech.

This is a huge achievement, it’s so reassuring to know that in this high energy, fast paced environment the projects I have and continue to work on has enthused people enough to vote.

I will continue to make positive changes by encouraging others to develop and be the best they can be then hopefully they too will get to experience an award like this in the future. I would like to say “Thank You” for the opportunities I have been given and for the recognition.”

United Award

Name: Aman Ali
Time with Minster Law: 11 Months
Current position at Minster Law:
Legal Helpline Advisor

“I think it’s great that Minster celebrates colleague’s behaviours and attributes through the Awards Ball. When I saw all the nominees, I could immediately pick out the reasons on what made them special and unique. The high rollers event was also great as it meant we could meet other colleagues in a more intimate setting who share the same attributes and behaviours in their respective roles.

Winning the award was even more special as I had been up against some very stiff competition. Hearing everyone clapping and cheering made me appreciate how people are central to making Minster a great place to work.”

Ambitious Award

Name: Annie Wescott
Time with Minster Law: 3 Years and 4 Months
Current position at Minster Law:
Marketing and Insight Executive

“My initial feelings after being shortlisted was surprise and the high rollers event beforehand made the night start off with such a special feeling. It’s a lovely pre-event that allows you to get to speak to other nominees and spend time with the Exec Team. Just being nominated is such an achievement and you are presented with a certificate and prosecco beforehand so I was quite happy to sit back and enjoy the night. I don’t think it entered my mind that I would win but as Shirley got halfway through her speech there were a few things that stood out that made me think I may have to go up on stage now.

After I managed to get on and off stage without incident it took a while for the adrenaline buzz to come down and I was very proud to come away with that achievement. I’m incredibly grateful to the colleagues who supported me and gave me those opportunities to develop.

The Awards Ball is a fantastic way of recognising colleagues and it allows everyone a chance to get together outside of work and celebrate each other’s achievements. The team behind it put so much effort in each year and it is always a success”

Great Service Award

Name: Rosie Owen
Time with Minster Law: 4 Years and 2 months
Current position at Minster Law:

“Ahead of the ball, when the finalists were announced, I felt honoured to have been nominated for an award. There are so many hard-working individuals at Minster and I felt privileged to be selected from such a large group.

I was initially nominated and shortlisted for the “Outstanding Contribution” award however, I was the winner of the ‘secret’ award on the night, which was “Improving Lives Through Great Service”.

When I arrived at the High Rollers pre-drinks, I felt proud to be considered amongst the people who I admire within the company.  At the awards ceremony, when Shirley announced the name of the secret award, I thought it was a great new category, as providing the best outcome for our clients is at the heart of what we do. Then, as soon as Shirley started to read the testimonial I recognised the words that were written by my client. Immediately the stage fear kicked in and all my focus was consumed by making sure I didn’t fall over on stage – luckily, I didn’t!

I have worked at Minster for 4 years, and I am very lucky that I consistently receive positive feedback from people all around the organisation, but to win the award for the best feedback from a client is a different level of achievement. The reason I chose to have a career in Law, was that I wanted to be help people, and to know that I have had such a positive impact on someone’s life felt quite overwhelming!”

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