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Minster Law responds to the Second Reading of the Civil Liability Bill

Minster Law

Commenting on the Civil Liability Bill, which passed its Second Reading in the House of Commons last night (4 September), Shirley Woolham, chief executive of Minster Law, one of the UK’s leading claimant law firms, said:

“I am pleased the government has listened to our concerns over the threat to vulnerable road users, such as motorcyclists and pedestrians, and is proposing to remove them from the scope of the personal injury reforms, although we are yet to see the detail.”

“However, their removal will create further anomalies in injury compensation payments, so that people suffering the same injuries in accidents that weren’t their fault, for example a broken leg, will get different treatment by the justice system depending on their mode of transport.”

“It is bizarre that, whether the injured person is in a car, or a motorcycle, or riding a bicycle, will become a more important factor in deciding access to justice than the injury itself.”

“I hope the government will address these inconsistencies by ensuring a level playing field for all non-fault injuries and make sure all our citizens have their access to justice protected.”