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Lighter nights and sunnier weather attracts more motorcyclists on to the roads so it’s important to take extra time to look for riders and other vulnerable road users when out and about to avoid an accident. It’s a sad fact that while motorcyclists only amount to 1% of overall road traffic, accidents involving a motorcycle account for 18% of total road accident casualties.

When it comes to the common causes of motorcycle accidents, a recent study by the Department for Transport highlights that human error can play a big part…

As the saying goes, accidents will always happen but we can all play our part in motorcycle accident prevention. If you’re a motorcyclist, ensure your motorcycle is regularly serviced, the brakes are tested and the tyres aren’t flat, always wear the correct protective clothing, including an appropriate motorcycle helmet, and take the time to look properly when pulling out of junctions. If you’re a driver, remember to be extra vigilant during the spring and summer months and always check again for vulnerable road users.

If you’ve sustained personal injury as a result of a motorcycle accident, our main priority is supporting you through your recovery with the aim of getting you back on your motorcycle as soon as possible. Our specialist biking team are here to help with any advice you may need regarding your motorcycle accident claim. Click here for more information on our specialist biking support.

Alternatively, for advice on motorcycle innovation to aid accident prevention, click here.