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What can I claim for after my motorcycle accident and how much compensation will I receive?

Minster Law

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident and are pursuing a personal injury claim, did you know you’re entitled to claim for more than just your injuries? Depending on the specific circumstances of your case, and providing the accident is ‘not your fault’, you may also be able to claim for:

Damage to:
– your vehicle
– helmet and/or protective clothing including leathers
– any additions and/or accessories to the motorcycle e.g. aftermarket parts such as panniers and exhaust
– other personal belongings e.g. a smashed phone or damaged jewellery.

Expenses acquired due to the loss of your vehicle, for example:
– increased travel costs and fuel expenses
– a hire motorcycle, scooter or bike
– public transport travel costs i.e. rail and bus cards.

Medical expenses, such as:
– rehabilitation
– physiotherapy
– medication and prescriptions
– private health care.

“You’re entitled to claim for whatever is reasonably needed to get you back on your motorcycle as quickly as possible”

There are also many other factors that can be counted in the final evaluation of your motorcycle accident personal injury claim. For example, you may be eligible to claim for travel anxiety and/or loss of enjoyment, or if your injuries have forced you to take time off work, you could be entitled to claim for loss of earnings too.

These are examples of the most common items of claim found in most personal injury claims, however the specific details of your individual case will be reviewed by your solicitor or claims handler and you will only be entitled to claim for whatever applies to you.

The compensation you’re expected to receive completely depends on individual circumstances, and what you’re eligible to claim for. It also depends on the nature of your injuries, for example you’d expect to receive more compensation for a serious injury such as brain or spinal damage, than you would for superficial bruising. The level of compensation will also depend on your long term prognosis. Your solicitor or claims handler will instruct the correct type of medical expert to assess your injuries at the beginning of your motorcycle accident personal injury claims journey.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident and would like some more information on what you may be eligible to claim for, you can contact us here.