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The finalists in the Authentic award category have been announced ahead of our annual awards ceremony on 10 November!

We pride ourselves on being open and transparent with our clients, colleagues and partners in order to build trust. Our Authentic award category recognises those employees who go over and above the requirements of their daily role in order to remain true to this key value.

Congratulations to Sue Wood, who was nominated for this award for consistently demonstrating excellent customer service. She receives many positive social media testimonials and reviews, demonstrating the high level of service she provides to her clients as well as her commitment to helping build Minster Law’s brand reputation.

Sanjay Gondalia is described by his peers as “a hardworking and reliable member of the team, who always strives to be the best.” Sanjay is a real team player and is always on hand to help his clients. He is honest and steadfast in his attitude and routine and stops at nothing to get the job done.

As well as remaining true to the authentic value in the workplace, Andrew Parkes does everything he can to ensure that he is as honest and genuine as he can be. He also takes a real vested interest in others’ personal lives, and genuinely cares about his colleagues’ wellbeing.

Steve Free is always looking for ways to improve processes and make things easier for other people in the business. His role on an internal system, Qlikview, was integral to its success, and it is this dedication and hard work that makes him an ideal nominee for the Authentic award.

Finally, Ellen Limbert “lives, breathes and fosters a culture of excellence, delivery and engagement within Minster Law”. Ellen is well-known for her straight-forward and genuine approach and recently demonstrated her passion for supporting and developing others through voluntarily mentoring two of our trainee solicitors.

Well done and good luck to all of our 2017 nominees!

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