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African Outreach School, Luwero

As well as supporting local charities, many of our colleagues feel passionately about helping worthwhile causes that are a little further afield.  Our Match Funding incentive is a great way to maximise fundraising for UK and overseas initiatives and is a fantastic morale boost for those who work hard to raise money for others.

Following a heartfelt application, Erica Hunt was recently awarded Match Funding for the Gilead Health Development Charity in Uganda.  The charity seeks to develop health education for poor rural Africa and currently supports a clinic in Luwero.

The charity also operates a child sponsorship programme and provides schooling for children up to (the equivalent of) GCSE level.  However, it costs £300 per child per year to provide the education on a boarding basis, while the family has to provide basic necessities such as soap, flour and cooking essentials.

Earlier this year, Erica hosted a ‘Pie ’n’ Pud’ supper to raise money to pay for the education of two girls, Daphine and Danielle Namuleme, for the next year at a cost of £600.

Erica said: “Daphine and Danielle are the hearing daughters of deaf parents that I became aware of when a friend visited the deaf school where their father is a teacher. Without the charity’s provision, these children would not be able to obtain a ‘normal’ education. I’m proud to have been able to raise £400 through the Pie ‘n’ Pud supper, but with Minster Law’s Match Funding, we’re able to support their education for the next year.”

Amanda Parkinson, from Minster Law’s Make a Difference Team, added: “Match Funding can make a big difference when it comes to fundraising as it really helps to maximise money raised. We’re pleased we were able to support Daphine and Danielle and really proud of Erica for helping to make such a big difference to their lives.”

To find out more about Minster Law’s other charity and fundraising initiatives, please visit www.minsterlaw.co.uk/csr.