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While powerboating is a popular pastime for those who love adventure, research by Wetwheels has identified that a significant number of people in wheelchairs are missing out due to a lack of accessible powerboats. That’s why Minster Law has pledged its support to the foundation, which is aiming to raise funds for the provision of the first Wetwheels fully accessible boat in the North of England.

The Wetwheels Foundation provides water-based experiences for those who are less able-bodied and people in wheelchairs. Using specially modified powerboats, the adventurous trips help to build the confidence of its passengers by providing the opportunity to access the sea in a fun, safe and stimulating way.

With the support of donors and partner organisations, such as Minster Law, these boating experiences also enable passengers to steer the vessel, learn seamanship and discover new opportunities alongside their friends and families. Wetwheels already operates three modified boats in the South of England.

Minster Law’s donation of £2,000 to the charity means that production of the first Yorkshire boat can begin later this year. The aim is to have the boat available to the region by 2018.

Wetwheels Yorkshire Chairman, Peter Richardson, said: “After seeing what our modified boats in Portsmouth, Jersey and Hamble can achieve for the disabled, disadvantaged and the elderly, our mission is to see a Wetwheels powerboat operating at Whitby. The Wetwheels Yorkshire vessel will help to deliver unique opportunities for people across the region and give people the opportunity to try something new.”

Speaking on behalf of Minster Law’s Make a Difference* team, Amanda Parkinson said: “Wetwheels is a really inspirational organisation that aims to help improve the confidence and well-being of less able-bodied people. We’re extremely proud to be able to help them bring their first modified powerboat to Yorkshire, and we’re also planning more fundraising for the charity over the coming months.”

* Minster Law’s Make a Difference team works with registered charities and groups that help to improve the lives of others within our local communities such as Wetwheels. The team’s activities include volunteering days, event sponsorship and other fundraising initiatives and Minster Law aims to contribute £130,000 to improve the lives of people within our local communities by the end of 2017.

To find out more about Minster Law’s charity and fundraising initiatives, please visit www.minsterlaw.co.uk/csr.