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We believe in investing in our people and wherever possible, we look to promote internal staff into emerging roles first. In 2016, 32% of all advertised positions were filled by existing employees and we’re pleased to announce that three Minster Law employees have just been successful in securing Training Contracts with us for 2017.

Our Training Contract programme provides trainees with the opportunity to maximise their knowledge across a broad range of subjects, while also being coached to develop commercial, business and leadership skills. We caught up with aspiring solicitors, Matthew Itson, Breesha Loughran, and Sally Roche, who will be starting their Training Contracts in September, to see what they’re most looking forward to when they start the programme.

“You have all worked for Minster Law before, could you tell us a bit more about your background and career history?”

Matthew:  I started at Minster Law three years ago as a temporary member of staff in an administrative role with the team in York. I was only supposed to be in the position for a week!  My manager, Rachel Di Clemente, found out that I was in the process of completing a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) with the University of Law and encouraged me to apply for a temporary Legal Assistant role that had opened on her team. I was successful, and started my new role in March 2014 before being awarded a permanent position three months later. Since then, I’ve worked as a Legal Assistant in Multi-Track and now Complex Claims, assisting the team with Catastrophic Injury claims.

Breesha: I came to Minster Law around two-and-a-half years ago after I finished the GDL. Before that I did an undergraduate degree in psychology. Since starting with Minster Law, I have been working in the Employment Department as an Assistant file handler. For the past year-and-a-half, I have also been completing the Legal Practice Course (LPC) part-time.

Sally: I have worked at Minster Law for two-and- a-half-years, starting out as an assistant in the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) department, before moving to technical claims. I am now working as a Litigation Executive in Fixed Recoverable Costs (FRC).

“What made you apply for the role?”

Matthew: I feel very loyal to Minster Law, as I have had a great experience here. I had never worked in Personal Injury before coming to Minster Law, and I found it incredibly rewarding. I knew I wanted to continue working here when it was time to apply for Training Contracts, and I also knew that Minster Law likes to ‘grow their own’ and develop staff internally where they can.

Breesha: I really enjoy working for Minster Law. One of the things I love the most about working here is how much they push everyone to be disruptive thinkers and how they give everyone the opportunity to shape the way the company is run. From speaking with some of the current trainees, disruptive thinking is something they actively encourage on the Training Contract. I don’t think that there are many other companies out there that would offer the same opportunity!

Sally: I am really keen to develop my legal skills together with my business skills and the Training Contract is the perfect platform for this. I want to gain more experience of the business as a whole.

“Which seat are you most looking forward to?”

Matthew: One of the things I am most looking forward to is getting to know the other parts of the business outside of Multi-Track. I have only worked in Multi-Track, so I am excited to learn and appreciate the contribution that each department makes as part of the wider business. I am willing to bet that it will be the seat I least expect that will end up being my favourite!

Breesha: The seat I’m probably most looking forward to is the Business Seat as I think it will be really insightful given the challenges currently facing the litigation market. I’m also looking forward to spending some time in one of the Multi-Track teams.

Sally: I am really looking forward to the Business Seat. I think it will be an exciting opportunity to be involved in changes in the business and helping shape the future of Minster Law.

“How did you find the recruitment process?” 

Matthew: As with many Training Contract processes it wasn’t short, the applications were due at the end of July and the final interview took place towards the end of November. However, the people in charge of the process were very friendly and happy to answer any questions I had at every juncture. I found the Assessment Day in September, and in particular the interview session, the most stressful, but it was nothing like the aggressive interviews you see on ‘The Apprentice’! The interviewers were much friendlier, and it was clear that the team wanted to ensure the candidates had the opportunity to do their best.

Breesha: When I applied, I had been at Minster Law for a couple of years so I had a good understanding of the company’s objectives and values. Because of this, and my passion for the business, I found the recruitment process much easier than others I have been through. Throughout the recruitment process I was given invaluable feedback from the current trainees and I found this to be really helpful when it came to my final interview.

Sally: The recruitment process was really intense, but I actually really enjoyed it! It was a great opportunity to develop skills, meet more people within the company and it has given me a lot more confidence moving forwards.

“What is your dream role following your training contract, and why?”

Matthew: I could definitely see myself returning to Multi-Track as a file handler, but that is because my experience is limited to working in Multi-Track. I will have the privilege of learning other parts of the business during my Training Contract, so I expect I may have a completely different answer in two years’ time based on my experience.

Breesha: I’ve recently been assisting with the training of temporary administrative staff in my team and it is something that I’ve really enjoyed. I would like to go into a role where I can continue to help with the development of others.

Sally: I am hoping to work in the fraud team once I am qualified. I have had several claims recently that have been transferred to the fraud team and I have been really interested in following the claims and seeing the work that is carried out.

“What do you think you’ll find the most challenging?”

Matthew: I will probably find adapting to the ways various departments work challenging, as I appreciate that each area has different targets to meet and different ways to measure success. However, I also appreciate that this will help me see and appreciate the business from a more rounded perspective.

Breesha: My area of expertise is employment law and not personal injury so I think the most challenging thing will be learning a completely new area of law. However, I am always up for a challenge and I’m looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone!

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