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Nine senior solicitors have been promoted into a newly created role in recognition of the commitment and capabilities they have demonstrated. All nine have made significant contributions to the the business, from focusing on the highest levels of client service and helping to establish a London office to supporting the development of colleagues.

Philip Austick, Anthony Doodson, Sarah Patten and David Sears at the York office, Shaun Walker and Mark Webley in Wakefield and John Gibney, Kimberley Owen and Emma Wilson in London* were all promoted to this new role. In addition, several other applicants were earmarked for development support and future promotion opportunities, with three further Associates expected to be appointed later this year.

In recent years, Minster Law has faced a number of legal industry changes and driven through business improvements as a result of forward-thinking decisions to create a strong personal injury law service that delivers the highest level of quality and care for clients. This is borne out by client feedback in the form of online reviews and NPS scores.

Speaking of the appointment, Head of Multi Track, Rachel Di Clemente said: “The application process for the Associate roles was a rewarding experience and, as this is a newly created role at Minster Law, it helped us to clearly define the qualities that a Minster Law Associate should demonstrate.  We were looking for an exceptional commitment to quality, developing others and supporting and improving our business. There were a number of applicants, all of whom were strong candidates, but we remained true to our intention to recognise individuals who had already fully demonstrated their suitability for the role. The nine new Associates have already played a significant role in developing Minster Law and I am immensely proud to have them as part of my leadership team.”

The recognition has provided the opportunity for all nine solicitors to reflect on what they have achieved so far within Minster Law. Many were attracted to the company because of its innovative approach and willingness to tackle rapid changes in the personal injury legal industry.

Shaun Walker: “The quality of the work at Minster Law is unparalleled. Having the opportunity to help provide a better quality of life in terms of securing extensive rehab and securing significant annual payment damages for a 20-year-old paraplegic has been my  personal highlight to date.”

Sarah Patten: “Minster Law appealed to me as a progressive firm with a strong focus on helping those seriously injured. The firm has a heavy emphasis on client care and rehabilitation, getting the best for our clients throughout the claim journey, settlement and beyond. It’s a fantastic place to work and is dedicated to developing internal talent. The promotion is recognition for an awful lot of hard work and commitment and makes me proud to be part of a supportive, friendly and professional team.”

David Sears: “Working for Minster Law presented an exciting opportunity to act for very seriously injured people and enabled me to contribute to delivering an excellent level of service to some of the most deserving and vulnerable people. I’m proud to be helping to develop Minster Law’s serious injury offering and working with the wider business to develop junior staff in delivering outstanding client service.”

John Gibney: “I came to Minster Law to be a part of the exciting opening of their new London office in 2013. I was immediately impressed by the firm’s strong commitment to providing quality representation to their seriously injured clients, ensuring that claims were dealt with as professionally and expeditiously as possible to ensure clients received the advice and rehabilitation needed.”

Emma Wilson: “I chose Minster Law because of the high quality and varied work and I haven’t been disappointed. I’m delighted with my new role and look forward to helping drive the business forward.”

Kimberley Owen: “Minster Law offered me the opportunity to further develop my expertise in catastrophic injury claims. This, combined with flexible work arrangements, was a very attractive combination. My most significant achievement has been obtaining a multi-million pound award for a catastrophically brain injured client, which enabled him to lead as fulfilled and independent a life as possible with his family. Additionally, I am one of nine people selected for Minster Law’s first ever career progression structure for solicitors, which is very exciting.”

Like Kimberley, many of the new Associate Solicitors are relishing the opportunity to be part of a new and exciting phase in the company’s evolution that will continue the forward-thinking approach to help combat proposed and future changes in the legal industry.

Mark Webley: “I joined Minster Law as a progressive business ready to tackle the rapid changes in the personal injury field. They have given me the tools and resources to achieve the best outcome for  our clients.   Attaining the Associate level will allow me to further develop our client offering with continual service improvements, while managing the changes ahead of us.”

Anthony Doodson: ” My appointment will allow me to help develop other colleagues knowledge and experience, as well as being involved in shaping the future of the multi-track department as it evolves to face the challenges of fixed costs ahead.”

Philip Austick: “I feel proud and privileged that Minster Law has helped and supported me in developing my career further. At the same time, this enables the strong legal teams working across the three offices to deliver a high level of quality and a committed and professional service not only to the clients directly affected but also to the family members who are also affected. In developing this role I’m looking forward to the challenges and opportunities this  will offer and being able to continue to actively promote the business moving forward.”