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Training Contracts are designed to give aspiring solicitors the opportunity to maximise their knowledge across a broad range of subjects, enabling them to gain the practical experience and commercial skills required to be a great solicitor. In addition, this year we have introduced a new ‘Business Seat’ for our Trainees as part of the 24-month rotation.

The Business Seat enables each trainee to be paired up with an executive from the wider firm, and provides a wide range of duties including sitting in on departmental meetings, conducting research, liaising with departments inside and outside of Minster Law, consumer research and data analysis. The Business Seat is an important way for trainees to understand all aspects of the whole business, and see the contribution the solicitors make to the company.

Despite its infancy, two Minster Law trainees have already experienced a role in this Seat. Rebecca Skirrow and Sarah Robinson explain what it’s like to undertake the Business Seat and why they feel it is so important to their overall Training Contract.

“I was not expecting so much insight into the business and to be involved in such high profile projects as a trainee! It has given me a great view into how a large business is regulated as well as working very independently and given a high level of accountability. I’ve really enjoyed it and it’s been a great challenge. My workload has been completely different in this Seat, and I’ve done a lot more research-based work, including reporting and putting forward recommendations and justifications based on my findings. The Business Seat has been really beneficial to understand more varied areas such as financial and legal regulation. It’s given me a more rounded overview of how the Minster Law business runs as a whole.” Rebecca Skirrow

“The business seat has exceeded my expectations, the work has been really hands-on and my ideas and research have been met with praise and enthusiasm. I’ve gained valuable experience and insight into the daily workings of a law firm as an entity in itself and as part of the wider group. I’ve learnt project management, data analysis, presentation and research skills and the role has helped to give a much greater understanding of the customer journey and how we can strive to improve this. I can clearly see how the work I’m doing as a legal professional feeds into the daily running of a law firm and the seat has provided me with greater commercial awareness.” Sarah Robinson

You can keep up to date with all the trainees on their progress by following @inthelifeofPI. For more information about our training contracts or other career opportunities, please click here.