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Working as a personal injury solicitor can be extremely challenging – but also very rewarding. Our personal injury team puts our clients at the heart of everything we do and works hard to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, as quickly as possible.

One such solicitor is Roger Davis, who joined Minster Law’s Complex Claims team at our London office in November 2013. Many of Roger’s clients have sustained serious injuries as a result of road traffic accidents, and his role is not only to secure compensation for his clients but also to ensure that they are receiving appropriate treatment to assist with their rehabilitation.

Roger was recently awarded vouchedfor’s ‘Top Rated’ Solicitor accolade and as a result appeared in the Mail on Sunday’s Professionals supplement on 27 September. We caught up with Roger to find out more about his role at Minster Law.

The best part of my job is…

I really enjoy the variety of work in Complex Claims. The nature of the work we do means that in addition to our clients, we are also corresponding with several different parties which include insurers, solicitors acting for the insurers, barristers, medical and other experts and rehabilitation providers.

In addition, the knowledge that the work we’re doing makes a big difference to our clients’ lives is also very rewarding. I have a lot of contact with my clients and take great satisfaction from guiding them successfully through what can be a very challenging process and resolving the issues that they face on a daily basis following a serious accident.

Hard work and determination is key

Claims are often challenging and progressing a case through to a successful conclusion requires hard work, determination and good organisation. Many cases run for a number of years, but to ensure my clients receive the best possible service, I make sure I contact them regularly, keeping them informed about the progress of their case. I take a proactive approach to keeping my clients informed, even for example, if it is simply to inform them that I am waiting for information from another party. In those circumstances I always seek to progress the case in other areas so that downtime is not wasted time.

To be a good solicitor, I think you also need to be tenacious. We often find that at various stages the process has stalled because we’re waiting on other people to complete enquiries or paperwork or supply reports, for example. I like to keep the pressure on opponents and other parties to make sure matters are dealt with in a reasonable timeframe.

I also think you need to have empathy. You have to be able to put yourself in your client’s shoes and understand their point of view – they may be worried about not being able to work for an extended period of time and concerned about paying their bills. It’s important that we do what we can to help them at what is often a very difficult time for them and their families and to assure them that they’re in safe hands.

Having a good team is vital

Although I may be the lead solicitor on a case and do the bulk of the day-to-day management, I also rely on my assistant and team around me to help me get a case over the line. We also view the barristers we instruct as an integral part of the team. They will help us to progress a case and advise us at key times.

Instruction of specialist independent medical experts is crucial to ensuring our client’s injuries are comprehensively investigated and by obtaining access to rehabilitation services for our clients we can ensure that as much as possible is being done to help with their recovery. A claim could involve as many as 10 or more specialists and every one of them has a very important part to play in the settlement of a case – not just me.

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