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Our Training Contracts provide a structured two-year programme covering technical, competency and behavioural elements and are designed to give aspiring solicitors the opportunity to maximise their knowledge and skills across a broad selection of subjects. This robust structure enables our trainees to gain the practical experience and the commercial skills they need to become a great solicitor.

The first six months have passed by very quickly for our trainee solicitors. At the start of September, Rebecca, Kiran, John, Kardine, Sarah and Jessica moved across to their second seat, which often includes an area of litigation. So what do our 2015-16 Training Contract intake think of their second seat experience so far?

I have moved back to my old stomping ground of litigated road traffic accident work. The challenge for me has been getting used to the bulk element of this work. I have been busying myself reviewing files for litigation opportunities and drafted a few applications as well. All of my new team are lovely and I can’t believe it’s almost been a month already – time certainly flies when you’re having fun!Rebecca Skirrow

I’ve had a great start to my Employers Liability / Public Liability seat. There’s lots of legislation to get my head around but I’m only a week into my second seat and I have already been able to get my teeth into some varied and interesting cases. It’s good to be back doing litigation again!Kiran Habib

I am really enjoying my time in Corporate Services. The main challenge so far has been the adjustment from a legal services seat to moving to a non-operations department – there is a lot to take in and learn with a lot of research and analysis. In my first week I researched and delivered a presentation to the managers and senior manager in the department on the SRA Risk Outlook which was a great opportunity for me to make a good first impression! I have also been given some key projects to work on with BGL group compliance, which feed in to current exciting projects at group level which is a really great experience and certainly something you wouldn’t be able to do at a smaller firm. I am looking forward to playing a role in seeing these projects to completion and gaining a thorough overview of the management of the various stakeholder relations involved.John Cuss

I have been in my second seat a week and so far I have drafted court documents, letters of advice on liability and quantum, carried out legal research and attended a training session. I guess it is fair to say that I’ve had a busy week and I’m really looking forward to what the next weeks will bring!Kardine Williams

I’ve had a great first two weeks in Employers Liability / Public Liability. The team is brilliant and so supportive. At the moment I am assisting two fee earners, and both have given me a wide variety of work to complete from drafting witness statements and instructions to counsel, to reviewing liability and quantum. It’s been a great introduction into this department, and I am looking forward to spending the next six months with the team.Sarah Robinson

My second seat is in litigated road traffic accidents – what a massive change of pace from the first seat! I’m really enjoying the challenges of the litigation process and the days are just flying by – I can’t believe it’s nearly been a month already!  I’ve also spent some time in finance and client relations getting a better idea of some of the other areas of the business and what goes on behind the scenes.Jessica Richmond

Keep up to date with the trainees’ progress throughout their Training Contracts by following @inthelifeofPI. For more information about our Training Contracts or other career opportunities with Minster Law, please click here.