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Our Training Contracts give aspiring solicitors the opportunity to maximise their knowledge and experience across a broad selection of seat subjects including all categories of personal injury and other personal legal topics. That’s real responsibility, client contact and the chance to gain practical experience and the commercial skills to become (at the very least) a great solicitor.

Our 2015-16 Training Contract intake have just completed their first seat. So what do they think of the experience so far?

My first seat has been brilliant. I couldn’t have asked for more hands-on experience and the teams have been very supportive throughout. I have really enjoyed it. A great start to my Training Contract!Sarah Robinson

I’ve really enjoyed the last 6 months in Employer Liability/Public Liability – I have gained a wealth of experience across a variety of claim circumstances and injuries. I’m getting ready for the move to my next seat at the beginning of September and getting stuck in to RTA litigation.Jessica Richmond

I have had a great six months in our Employer Liability/Public Liability department. My manager and the team I have been working with have put a lot of effort into making me feel welcome and providing me with a wide variety of work to gain a thorough understanding of Employer Liability/Public Liability claims. As well as assisting fee earners on the team, I was given my own small case load so that I could experience handling my own Employer Liability/Public Liability files through the claims process. Outside of my main seat responsibilities I have also completed a presentation to the board of directors on business challenges and solutions; following which I have received some excellent feedback from the directors.John Cuss

It was really fun to move to a different part of the business after being in Catastrophic for nearly three years. What I enjoyed the most was getting my teeth into law – I had not applied before and I’m getting to be far more hands on in my new trainee role. I’ll miss Employer Liability/Public Liability they’ve been a fantastic bunch to work with.Rebecca Skirrow

I have just finished my first seat in MOJ fast track operations and I cannot believe how fast it has gone. It has been challenging but very rewarding. I have learnt a lot and I am grateful for the all the support I received from my colleagues… However, as one seat ends another one begins and I am looking forward to my next seat in Employer Liability/Public Liability and new challenges I will face!Kardine Williams

My first seat in the MOJ Department was an interesting challenge and a real eye opener.  I received great support throughout my seat and felt a genuine commitment to my learning and development from those around me.  I’m now looking forward to my second seat in the EL/PL Department.Kiran Habib

And, as well as working hard, our trainees have been getting stuck into other areas of the business too. Several of the trainees have been volunteering for local causes and taking part in various fundraising activities in support of Minster Law’s associated charities, such as Headway York and CBIT. Keep up to date with the trainees’ progress as they move through their second seat by following @minstergrads on Twitter.

For more information about our Training Contracts or other career opportunities with Minster Law, please click here.