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Date: Thursday 23rd April 2015
Time: 12.00 – 6.45pm
Venue: The Berrick Saul Building, University of York, Harewood Way, Heslington, York YO10 5DD

Minster Law and the Chronic Disorders of Consciousness Research Centre at the University of York invite you to an afternoon event to consider the wider issues and context for brain injury with a view to sharing knowledge, developing our understanding and ultimately improving the lives of those affected.


Chair: Jonathan Bamforth, Specialist Catastrophic Injury Solicitor, Minster Law

12.00 – 1.00 Arrival & Registration / Lunch / NetworkingAn opportunity to view exhibits and artwork
Tree House
12.30 – 12.40 Shadow Puppetry. First of two performances.
Play of Light Theatre Co. (commissioned by CDoC)
Please reserve places by emailing [email protected]
1.00 – 1.10 Introduction
Jonathan Bamforth, Solicitor, Minster Law
1.10 – 1.50 Families talk about catastrophic brain injuries:
The vegetative and minimally conscious states
Professor Celia Kitzinger, University of York & Professor Jenny Kitzinger, University
of Cardiff, Co-Directors of CDoC
1.50 – 2.20 With and without funding: An insight into the impact of case management
William Challis and Steve High, Brain Injury Case Managers, Minster Law
2.20 – 2.50 Have you thought about vision? (Interactive session)
Ruth Perrott, Behavioural Optometrist
2.50 – 3.00 Headway: The work they do
Luke Griggs of Headway, The Brain Injury Association
3.00 – 3.20 Coffee break (Book signing: Battling a Brain Injury: The Life That Jack Built)
Jack Martindale, Brain injury survivor, graduate of the University of York and author
3.20 – 3.50 Caring relations at the margins of neurological care home life:
The rehabilitative work of ‘hotel service’ staff
Julie Latchem, Cardiff University
3.50 – 4.20 Unexpected issues in brain injury litigation: An anecdotal insight
Jonathan Bamforth, Joanne Ewart and Sam McFadyen, Minster Law
4.20 – 5.00 Traumatic Brain Injury and the family:
The long term impact, challenges and potential interventions
Dr. Miles Rogish, Consultant Clinical Psychologist
5.00 – 5.15 Closing / questions
Jonathan Bamforth, Solicitor, Minster Law
5.15 – 6.45 Drinks Reception / Networking and opportunity to view exhibits and artwork
5.30 – 5.40 Shadow Puppetry. Second performance.
Play of Light Theatre Co. (commissioned by CDoC)
Please reserve places by emailing [email protected]
For further information or to reserve your place for this free event call: 01904 633140 or email: [email protected]/d/minster

For more info, please download this brochure