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Rizwan Mughal

Solicitor & Serious Injury Team Manager

I worked as a paralegal from 2008 up until I secured a training contract at a high street practice in Leeds. I qualified in 2013, then worked exclusively in Defendant Personal Injury for two of the UK’s largest insurance law firms, in Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. I switched over to Minster Law as an Associate Solicitor in March 2020 before taking up the Team Manager role in July 2020.

What are you most passionate about in your job?

Success. When working on cases, I liked to win; I’ve never lost a trial, and I do sometimes miss the cut and thrust of litigation. In my current role as a manager, I’m passionate about the collective success of the team, and the firm. I’m passionate about driving Minster’s brand and reputation and making a positive contribution to the future successes of the firm. I am proud to be a Team Manager at Minster Law, in one of the UK’s largest Claimant Serious Injury teams, working with some of the most talented colleagues in the industry.

What are your personal interests outside of work?

I’m a keen rugby player (retired from full contact and now play Tag Rugby only!). I also enjoy playing golf, going to the gym, and pretty much watch all sports, when I’m not spending time with my young family.

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