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Naheed Mirza

Clinical Negligence Solicitor

I studied English Literature (B.A. Hons) at Lancaster, followed by an M.A in Legal Studies at Newcastle University. I completed my Law Society final exams at The College of Law in York. I then undertook a two-year training contract with a well-known trade union firm in Wakefield and qualified as a solicitor. Since then, I have practised in the field of personal injury and have always acted on behalf of claimants. After spending my early years undertaking a wide range of personal injury work, I eventually found my niche and began specialising in serious injury and clinical negligence work. At Minster Law, I specialise in claimant clinical negligence claims, from claims against hospitals, GPs, dentists, and any other health professionals. I am also a Court of Protection appointed deputy for finances and property, which means that I can help vulnerable claimants who lack capacity in managing their finances.

What are you most passionate about in your job?

As a claimant clinical negligence solicitor, I am passionate about helping the individual and their families in coming to terms with what at times can be a life changing injury and finding answers to the questions which they have. Often many claimants have placed an unquestionable trust in a doctor or other medical professional without giving a second thought to what could go wrong. The first step is trying to explain that as humans we are all capable of making mistakes but when mistakes are made, it is a question of finding out what went wrong and why and then finding a way forward to help the claimant. I am passionate about helping the individual as opposed to a corporate structure and being able to add the human touch to what can be a highly stressful time.

What are your personal interests outside of work?

Outside of work, my passion to help people continues. I have worked with the NSPCC for the last six years as a volunteer on their “Speak Out Stay Safe” Schools Campaign which involves visiting schools all across the region and delivering Assemblies and Workshops to help children speak out about abuse. I am also heavily engaged within the local community helping out various charitable organisations in providing hot meals for the homeless and supporting local refugees who have been displaced from their homeland.