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Andrew Smith

Litigation Executive

My first role, way back in 1996, was working as a criminal paralegal and police station adviser, representing clients under arrest. Fairly quickly after that, I moved to work in civil law, working for a major personal injury firm in Sheffield as a personal injury fee earner. Over the 20 plus years that followed, I have worked for a handful of firms, almost always major “high street” firms, dealing with ever more serious and complex cases. I’ve dealt with just about every type of personal injury claim possible, and have been fortunate enough to be involved in some very high profile cases, including cases arising from the Hillsborough disaster, representing pop stars, authors and even England footballers, and also bringing claims against certain reality stars! That has led to a number of media appearances, the peak being Sky News in around 2006, when I had terrible hair in front of the nation.

What are you most passionate about in your job?

I enjoy a challenge, am always happy to put my opinion and point forward and enjoy fighting for clients to get the right result for them.

What are your personal interests outside of work?

I try to squeeze in as many things into life as I can. My main hobby is music, performing in function bands around the country, writing and recording when I can. COVID allowed me the chance to set up my own mini recording studio in the spare room, which has been great. I also enjoy running and endurance events and can often be seen around Sheffield running many miles with a 45lb backpack on. I should also probably mention my wife and daughter at this point!