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A new online resource has been launched to help people affected by personal injury through the recovery process and any challenges they may face. The development of www.personaltruths.co.uk was inspired by one woman’s open and honest blog about her experience of her own personal injury claim, which she pursued after being involved in a serious road traffic accident in 2012.

Suzannah Unsworth was cycling to work along Manchester Road in Bradford when she was hit by an articulated lorry and suffered the devastating injuries that led to the amputation of her leg above the left knee. Aged just 33 at the time and facing significant changes to the life she once knew, she felt unable to talk to her family and friends for fear of upsetting them, and struggled to find an appropriate support network. Instead, she began writing an online blog as a way of self-help.

With the support of Minster Law, Suzi pursued a successful personal injury claim against the driver of the lorry, but her journey was far from over. Using her blog to document her experiences through recovery, share her emotional ups and downs and provide her own insights into what she’s learned, and continues to learn, along the way, her story has proven to be a useful and ‘real’ account of what to expect from a journey through personal injury.

As well as documenting real people’s journeys through personal injury, the aim of www.personaltruths.co.uk is to be an independent source of information for anyone who is unsure where to turn after an accident. The site features informative articles, blogs and expert opinions on everything from health and lifestyle topics, to finance advice and understanding legal jargon.

The site also encourages users to share their own experiences, revealing the real truths about experiencing a personal injury – from the emotional impact to the unexpected physical challenges and the everyday worries around paying bills and returning to work. The site also contains a noticeboard to enable users to share local recommendations and useful support contacts.

Commenting on the launch of the Personal Truths website, Suzi said: “When I first had my accident, I went through so many emotions and I struggled to come to terms with what had happened to me. Although there were a number of support resources out there to help, including a physical support group for amputees in my area, I found that documenting my experiences – good and bad – was vital to me coping with my injury.

“The Personal Truths website aims to be an all-encompassing resource that documents honest personal injury experiences. I’d encourage anyone who has been involved in an accident to use the site to share their own experiences – as well as helping you to come to terms with your own injury, you may also be able to help someone else.”

Speaking on behalf of personal injury specialists, Minster Law, who have facilitated the development of the site and will continue to provide ongoing support, Chief Operations Officer, Shirley Woolham, said: “The Personal Truths team understands that being involved in an accident can be distressing for everyone involved and the recovery process doesn’t always end when the visible injuries have healed.

“In addition to the physical effects, an accident can take its toll on family, work and social life; www.personaltruths.co.uk aims to tackle some of the difficult subjects facing those going through a personal injury and give people a true insight into some of the challenges they may encounter from people with experience. There is still a lot of stigma surrounding personal injury and this resource aims to help people who feel uncomfortable discussing certain subjects in other arenas.”

Please visit www.personaltruths.co.uk for more information.